Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Laundry part 4: Getting the adults' laundry done

I like to do my own laundry.  Here's why: when someone else does the laundry (other than my Mother) it sits in the dryer for a nice long wrinkly time.  Even when I do the laundry it sometimes sits in the dryer for a nice long wrinkle, but then I only have myself to blame.  The only way to get around this wrinkle game is to actually plan to get the laundry out of the dryer as soon as it buzzes.  
Now I do not like being a slave to any appliance.  They are supposed to serve us, right?  But there is no getting around this one issue.  The Organizing Mommy would like to be able to be a lazy mommy in this area as much as possible, though.  So, here is how I sort the laundry for maximum laziness.
1. Colors
2. Whites
3. things that have to be folded right away 
Another thing I do to alleviate some of the pain of laundry day is
 1. Do it all in one day and
 2. Plan to be home for the whole day.  
Generally, I like to have a stay at home day.  For a stay at home mom who also homeschools, why is it so hard to be at home for an entire day?  (Perhaps the Y, 2 co-ops, music lessons, robotics, swim team and grocery shopping have something to do with it) 
Another thing I do is actually start the laundry the night before.  It takes me a long time to get up and going some days, so its just easier if the brain work is done the night before.  If the non-wrinkly whites are in the dryer, and the non-wrinkly colors are in the washer, then we only have to be semi-with-it to get that wrinkle load taken care of.  

I like to fold laundry while I'm talking on the phone (God bless my Mother, my "laundry therapist").  So, I do combine folding/putting away with all the latest happenings on the hometown front.  Since she loves laundry, I can always count on her to give me a pep talk.  (Some people need workout partners; I need a laundry partner!)  

Another thing I try to do on laundry day is (don't fall over) IRON.  I know, I know.. over the top.  My dear husband works the kind of job where he needs to look decent, so I'm the spray starch mama.  Quite honestly, I don't mind toodling around here in my starched shirts also.  It makes me feel... important.. executive like.. perhaps it's a mid-life mommy-crisis  phase?  Who knows?  LIfe is too short to look dumpy, I guess.   The next laundry post is how I deal with incidental laundry and little kids stuff.  

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Gypsy said...

Thanks for that post - I love reading about the details of other people's systems! We don't use clothes dryers much here in NZ - too much power usage when with relatively clement weather we can dry outside - but I have to say it sounds very easy. Merry Christmas!