Sunday, December 9, 2007

Menu plan Dec. 10-16

So, I suppose you are all sitting there wondering if I actually accomplished my goal of eating what's planned on the menu.  I did! (First time for everything!)  For me, it really freed up my time!  Wow!  I was even able to sew--which translates into "fun" for me.  The meals were decent also.  
About the chicken casserole: eliminate the onions, green peppers and water chestnuts.  Make it a plain meal, and  kids will like it a lot better.  Also, leave the foil ON while cooking!  

Monday: chili dogs, green beans, fries
Tuesday: mandarin orange chicken (frozen ahead), rice, veggies
Wednesday: pasta e. fagoli/ bread
Thursday: moose stroganoff, noodles, veggies
Friday: chicken packets, (frozen ahead)& noodles
Sat: pork chops in cream of mush soup/ baked potatoes, waldorf
Sunday: taco salad

Moose? Yes,

this is a moose.  My Dad, nicknamed "Fred Bear" by my brother is a rough and ready moose hunter.  He hunted deer for years, and a few years ago expanded his hunting repertoire by moose hunting in Canada.  Actually, he has been successful in "the hunt" every year.  So, we are the happy recipients of some of the moose meat.  It's quite good-- a lot like beef.  Not to mention--the price is right!  
Thanks Dad! 

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