Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Laundry Part 5: Incidentals!

If you have been patient enough to read along about my many thoughts on the exciting topic of laundry, I'm sure you're brimming with questions like: what do I do with the need-attention-now type of stained clothing,  socks/ underwear/ sweatshirt/ wet swimsuits/and potty-training accident type of laundry that I find lying on the floor somewhere (like the bathroom) or the middle of the living room?  I'll just group all this stuff into a category and call it incidental laundry.  
In a perfect world, with let's say... a really small (boring) family with perfectly managed children and a completely ordered life, there probably wouldn't be any incidental laundry.  BUT.. since neither you nor I can wait for the planets to completely align, and our lives to get perfect, we will probably be summoned to deal with such unattractive things like a wadded up, grungy sock and a wet pair of undies size 3.  

What I do with these is simple: I throw them into the washer along with the daily supply of dishrags and just wash them.  They usually are a small or medium load.  I know most people feel that small or medium loads are about as energy-efficient as blow drying your frozen pipes  and should be avoided, I tend to think that the energy I waste in running a smaller load is in direct inverse proportion to the joy I receive from not having to smell the stench of over-ripe wet clothes and dishrags all week long.  

I don't fold these little items.  After the dryer is done, I just collect them in a big laundry basket and fold them on the designated stay at home day/ laundry day for me: Thursday.  If I happen to get a phone call that lasts more than 3 minutes from my "laundry therapist" (mom), I usually pop on the headset and fold/put away as I have time.  Since I already have assigned homes for everything, folding and putting away laundry is pretty easy. 

Incidentally, I happen to be posting this after a nice long stay-at-home Thursday, and I even started and finished my laundry on the same day.  So long laundry chores for another week! 

The above picture was taken a few years ago, when Bjorn and Sven (not real names) were "cooking" for themselves. Creativity is NOT neat.  

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