Sunday, January 20, 2008

Menu Plan Jan. 21-27, 2008

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Have you noticed that its really hard to get geared up for cooking when your husband is out of town?  I also seem to have a hard time EATING when he's gone.  Some people are stress eaters; I'm a stress starver.  But I do eat at certain times of the day, so I am not starving for real.

Monday: Tequila lime turkey with rice
Tuesday: green chili enchilladas (frozen ahead)
Wednesday: spaghetti and meat sauce/ salad
Thursday: chicken soup and bread
Friday: tacos
Saturday: moose roast and potatoes
Sunday: grilled cheese  (pizza for dinner)

Some of you who read here may know that my DH is now settled into his hotel of sorts on a business trip to a remote place in Russia.  This is, by far, the most unusual business trip he's ever been on.  Aside from it being -28 and rather primitive, he and his co-worker were sharing some crackers and cheese for lunch along with pickled herring in the hotel room.  Apparently, there aren't many restaurants close to the hotel? The money machine sucked up his card and won't belch it back.  Aside from that sort of stuff, he's having a marvelous time.  

The kids and I are doing well.  I had high hopes of organizing all sorts of stuff before my sweetheart got back.  My big birthday bash put the brakes on productivity,  but I think we'll be conquering some things now that life is "normal" again.  Incidentally, the birthday bash consisted of many of my chapel friends going out to lunch, and then ice cream and then to the mall to shop for bargains.  So, that's it for now.


Connie said...

Your menu looks great this week!

When my hubby is out of town, I don't cook much and get everything cleaned and organized. I don't know why I can't do that while he is home! LOL!

Have a wonderful week!

kelly said...

have a great week!

Cyndi said...

Oh, I do the same thing when my husband is gone. Why is that?? 75% of us are still here!

Your menu looks great!