Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Managing sickies..

When kids are sick...  life stops.  Let's face it... life just comes to a halt.  All of the swirl of activities that normally dictate our crazy lives are pushed aside, and we have a new survival schedule.  

Today, Robotdude finally finished his robot with his robotics team and got it shipped last night. He had this hazed look in his eyes that only accompanies a fever, a headache, lack of sleep and a pure drive to get the project done.  Since he's the "driver", he had to practice before the little "bot" got in its crate for shipping.  Whew! I know I'm not the only Mom out there who's glad this phase of robotics season is done.  The other team members looked like they hadn't slept in a week also.  I wonder how many of them are in bed recovering today also?  

So, how do we handle sick kids? 

The sooner they can learn to manage their own needs, the better.  If they at least tell you what the symptoms are, it makes life easier also.  

I have my medicine "closet" arranged by symptoms.



pain (internal)

pain (external)

It's hard to think when your sick.  It seems to be hard to even remember what to take for what. In this case, it is mainly cough/ cold symptoms.  It could be worse-- a lot worse.  

Things to remember when a child is sick.

1. Hydration is important.  Water often tastes "funny" when you have a fever, so kids won't drink enough if all you are offering is water.  You can add a sugar-free sports drink "flavor", or a vitamin boost "flavor" to the water.  

2. Call the "ask a nurse" if you need to.  Most hospitals will have a service for this.  Sometimes it's just nice to have someone to talk to about the symptoms.

3. I like to take the temperature of my children when they're sick.  I know administering things like tylenol is controversial for some people. (Ask your doctor for specific advice on this)  I like to give the recommended dosage for tylenol when they have fever or discomfort.  It seems to relieve the symptoms.  

4. Relax and enjoy the time at home.  It's God-ordained down time.  

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