Sunday, April 27, 2008

Menu Plan April 27,- May 4, 2008

Hi everybodeeee....  

Wow, another week zoomed by, and the weather is coldish in northern Illinois.  Our hearts are very warm with the love of the Lord Jesus.  

So, here's what's for dinner, until I change my mind. HA.

Tuesday: grilled green peppers and pasta
Wednesday: new food (groceries!) fresh chicken and fresh veggies on grill
Thursday: baked potatoes and some form of meat
Friday, Sat. Sun: not sure... 

Want to read about something amazing?  I actually KNOW these people.  I've had dinner in their home and spent time with them up at the Bible camp.  This tragic event happened to the Van Ryn family, but they've used it to glorify the Lord Jesus.   

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