Thursday, April 3, 2008

Oops, the vacuum sucked up...

A friend of mine, let's call her Tammy.. is a brave mom.  She has triplets.  It's the first time I've really known anyone with triplets.  Her life seems to be a set of miracles, trials, and triumphs.  Every Thursday we talk, or try to.  Today was no exception.  We talked about getting organized (shocking!) about Bible reading and laughed a little at our many attempts at getting up in the morning.  All of a sudden, I heard screaming on the other end.  It wasn't the fighting over a toy screaming; it was pure panic.  Oh no!  Blood? choking? an invader?  worse.  The vacuum sucked up the hamster!  That's right.  I'm not kidding.  It happened today.  So, we got off the phone immediately.  When the phone rang 13 minutes later, I knew it was the verdict.  
"Did he make it?" I asked pensively.  
"Yup.  But he was all the way into the bag," she eeked out, "he may not live too long after that experience."  
"He probably inhaled half the bag, eh?"
We both agreed, "It was a triplet kind of day" 

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