Sunday, May 18, 2008

Menu Plan May 19-23, 2008

Menu planning for this week will be eating down the fridge before we travel out east for a week.  
But before we get too excited about planning,  I want to tell you what we're having for dinner TONIGHT.  Almost every Sunday we have Wolfgang Puck's pizzas with homemade crust.  This is such a hit that we make the same recipe all the time.  Toppings vary; it's always good though!

Monday: beets, grilled veggies and grilled chicken
Tuesday: spaghetti and meatballs/ salad/ bread
Wednesday: taco salads
Thursday: beef on grill, salad, veggies/spinach
Friday: leftover soup/ bread
SAT: depart!!  The Webber family vacation begins!!  

Oh, did I hit "garage sale heaven" this weekend.... WHOOO WEE !!  (As my grandma Jo would say)  I'll post pictures for tomorrow's post since Jo-with-it (my faithful photographer) is busy reading a good book.  She is also known as "Erudite daughter" since she's read twice as many books as I have, and she's only 13.  

She's reading The Midnight Ride by Katherine Hapka.  It's a historical fiction that I've been reading outloud to the kids.  I warn them not to read "ahead", so we can enjoy the suspense together, but I can't blame them for wanting to know.  It's not exactly Shakespeare, but Hud and Than love it enough to "sneak" reading it! LOL.  


BB said...

I was sooo happy to hear that, It was so nice to meet u ... and by the way u didn't sound -ve at all!
u were expressing ur thoughts and I was telling my opinion :p
LOTs of western people have same thoughts and I dont blame them due to those freaky terrorism things!
But I like to clear things whenever I get the chance.. we also dont like those terrorism actions

Best wishes & good luck

Jo-snazz said...

The chiken was awesome mommy!