Friday, May 16, 2008

My kids have a gadget!

I'm not sure what it's called, but they ordered it.  It's sitting next to me, beeping.  I looked down on it, and it said, "slide to stop beeping".  Slide what?  There's no toggle.  There's a screen.  So, I have to put my finger on an imaginary "slider" and go that way.  

On the back it says IPOD 8GB.  Futurelawyer showed me a picture and pushed "organizing mommy" and somehow it landed in my inbox.  Amazing.  The dude is 10.  He and Jo-withit pooled their resources for this thing.  YIKES. They asked me if I wanted to touch it.  I told them "technology scares me", and they should know that.  And they all ran outdoors, laughing as they went.  

Ugh.  Now Jo-with-it just came in.  She just informed me, "I'm going to visit your blog".  Wow,  she just called up the blog.  She turns the thing, and the blog turns also.  She does some other maneuver and it focuses IN on whatever and wherever.   I just hope they don't do a close-up on my graying roots or up my nostrils when I'm asleep.  Really.  

Well, my dear DH comes in from out of town tomorrow.  We all miss him.  Knowing that all of these kids get their gadget-ness from him, I wonder if he'll be enamored with it as well..  He'll probably want one, and then I'll have to get one... or NOT.

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