Sunday, May 4, 2008

We have the best neighbors!!

For real.  I know most people would use a blog to complain about their neighbors, but ours are the best!  My DH and I took a little afternoon walk and stopped by to say HI on our way.  We asked them if they happened to have a staple gun.  They said they did, but they were NOT SURE where it was.  (Seems to be a theme in our neighborhood, eh?)  

Now these neighbors really ARE organized, and they were not sure where it was.  But wouldn't you know it, Shirley opened the cabinet and right next to their air nailers and such was a staple gun. Yeah!  They let us borrow it.  Now my sweetheart can finish his special van "mod" that he's rigging up for our big trip out east.  I'm not sure what he's doing, but I'm sure it will be special because EVERYthing he does is special.  

It doesn't solve the problem of where our staple gun is, but that's OK.  We'll make do.  Speaking of "making do", one of the thrilling things I do regularly is what my mother has graciously termed, "spontaneous feeding of the masses"--It's just another name for unplanned large-scale hospitality.  I'm not sure it's a skill that can be taught, even if there is some merit in it.  Maybe someday I'll attempt to pretend to explain how to "spontaneously feed the masses", but I think the Lord is the one who does it and he just uses my kitchen once in a while! LOL.  So, today was one of those days.  It's really neat to see how HE provides and how it all turns out every time! 

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