Saturday, June 14, 2008

CPR Training and the class clown.

Today was my first class (in a long time) for CPR training.  If I had a class before, I do not remember it enough to know what to do.  It is required for all YMCA fitness teachers to be CPR certified, so they give you training for free.  (Another great reason to be involved with the Y)

I don't know about you, but when I take a class, I take it seriously.  I'm taking notes, thinking of everything, asking questions... in general.. a real nerd.  Knowing my propensity for Type A nerdiness and how that could put some people off, I compensate by also being the class clown.  So, I've achieved the mutual goal of not only driving the instructor up the wall, but the students also.  LOL.  

Now that I've set the stage, you're just sitting there what sort of stunts a type-A nerd attempts at something as boring as CPR training.  

Well, the teacher sets the stage.. We have an unconscious, non-breathing victim.  We arrive on the scene (with gloves already on.?) and 1. Check the scene for safety.  and 2. Tap them on the shoulder "Are you OK?"  3. Call 911. 4.  Take 10 seconds and listen and look for signs of breathing.  Then If they are not breathing, put the protective thingy on, and give 2 rescue breaths.  

So, the instructor says, "What should you do if they start breathing on their own?" 
DEAD Silence...

"You PRAISE THE LORD!" I blurted out.

After all, isn't that what you should do?  Everyone laughed.  But it's true!  You still have to continue with the rescue procedure... while you are praising the Lord.
I guess the book answer is: Roll them on their side away from you and comfort them while waiting for the paramedics.  

All goofiness aside, it made me very thankful for the training.  It's given me a whole new reason to be organized... someone's life could be saved.  And that is a GREAT motivator.  


Kathi said...

I love it! Not only is praising the Lord the right answer, everybody else loved it to! Blessings!

Mrs. Parunak said...

What a fun story!

Anonymous said...

I remember ABC - Airway, breathing and choking? Maybe? It's been a long time since I had the training--I should probably go and get a refresher course, huh?