Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jo-with-it turns 14!

How do I capture the personality of a child in just a few photos?  Jo-snazz, Jo-snapper, Jo-with-it are just a few of the nicknames we have for our special gal.  

Now I remember specifically praying for a little girl and wanting to call her Joanna.  My happiness knew no bounds when she was handed to me in the delivery room.  

Although it is probably not easy being the oldest girl in a big family, she has handled it well.  And when it gets overwhelming, she just cuddles up on her big bed with a big Jane Austen novel and takes a break.
She's a pretty sharp kid and can find her way around town without a map.  She plays the viola, piano, paints, sews, makes great jewelry, reads big novels and managed to get a 94% on her math exam.  (We're both still recovering from the shock of that one).  But we were NOT surprised when she got an award in geography this year. (Our homeschool co-op gives awards for high grades.  They are a lot like a small school.)

Now she's even writing her own blog.  Don't go there though because there's this atrocious photo of the O.M. wolfing down a philly cheese steak...  (burp!)  No, for real!  Her blog is great! She's a chip off the 'ole blog.. I mean.....blob... no.. I really mean.. block.  


Kathi said...

So, where's her blog? I'd love to look at it. Joel started a blog too...they must be just about exactly three years apart, and sounds like they're made out of the same stuff!

Organizing Mommy said...

You just click on the link. I put it under "her blog". If you can't get it that way, I can email it to you.

Joanna's birthday is June 17th, when's Joel's?

Jo-snazz said...

Thanks mom. You can get around town without a map too! (You have a GPS.)