Monday, June 16, 2008

Menu planning and weeds...

I have no idea what I'm doing.. trouncing around my "weed patch" in my aerobics shoes and trying to figure out what is a weed and what is a plant.  

Let me back up.  I have no green thumbs or green anything.  My industrious kids know their mother all too well.  They know I frequently will pay high prices for good quality produce, so they decided to start a garden.  I told them IF they did the work, I'd pay for the produce.  

So, the three middle ones got down and dirty and digging.  They actually planted a few things.  When we left for our vacation, NOTHING had shown up yet.  When we got home, EVERYTHING was up.. up to about 3 feet and completely filled in.  

The kids put up their hands in discouragement.  I felt sorry for them and decided to do some time.  I had no idea what a weed looked like, but I'm sure that no one would eat those prickly things --plant or not.  After a few days of pulling prickly things, I'm down to the nitty gritty of trying to decide what's edible and not.  

The best I can do is try to identify WHAT they actually DID plant, and remove everything that is not it.  So, just to help myself out, I looked for pictures of what they planted.  Keep in mind, these are NOT pictures from my garden.  

So, they planted: garlic
and sugar snap peas 

I'll keep you posted on my weed patch... now for my menu patch

Monday: chili/homemade bread
Tuesday: ?

I'm stuck!  I guess I need to look at what the rest are doing over at the organizing junkie's.

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Kathi said...

There's a simple way to tell a weed from a plant you want. Give a good tug. If it comes out, it wasn't a weed.