Thursday, July 24, 2008

Frugal Fridays.. great finds!

I've always wanted to link up to these, since I love frugality and bargain hunting.  Sometimes it can get out of control---always shopping for this and that, but I think it has a silver lining when you actually find something useful.

Like these: All of the little baskets I found at garage sales.  They were $ .25 each. The painted ones were $.50 each.
You aren't going to believe me when I tell you the story behind this next bargain.  
The short version is: we needed a new grill. I grill all the time, and it keeps the house cooler in the summer.  I had try to figure out how I was going to get a new grill, since I also had it in my mind that I needed a LARGER stainless steel grill. (The kind that normally go for about $300. or more)  I wasn't sure how I was going to get it, so I just asked the Lord to provide. 
Well, the grill right here is it.
I started asking the workers at a local second hand store if any new things had come in, specifically a grill.  One of the workers said he had seen one, but he wasn't sure where it was.  I just moseyed around, asking this one and that one.  Finally, I found this.  
Now, I am going to ask you to GUESS what it cost.....



O.K. Final answer:

What?  They weren't sure if it was broken or something.  Who would just up and donate such a nice item?  Well, it was a WRECK of a burnt mess. The drip pan wasn't even emptied.  The food was still stuck on every surface.  Yes, gross. I spent more on the bottle of oven cleaner than the grill.  I put in a few hours of scrubbing, but it WORKS! 

 So, whoever you are in the Rockford area..that needed to donate this great grill, even without emptying the drip pan... thank you.  You are probably rich and have a better one and really don't care that I  have your grill, but thank you. 

Now, I can cook my FAVORITE thing: frozen chicken on the grill. 
LOL.  Everyone teases me about this crazy way of cooking.  

I just place the frozen chicken on a hot grill and spray it with water every so often.  Add a little garlic salt.  BAM. Quick and cooked frozen chicken.  It's one of my "signature dishes"... which should indicate the level of my gourmet abilities--NOT.  But we all HAVE to eat, so we all HAVE to cook.  


Org Junkie said...

Oh my word girl, you find the best deals!

Niki said...

Great job, I love getting a deal. The only problem is our stores are not that great. I was recently in Bangor ME and they had great stores.

Brooke said...

awesome find!! :)

BarbaraLee said...

I am jealous. We need a new grill too. I ask God for a lot of things like this. Maybe this should be on the list. LOL!

Kathi said...

We've redone our grill for the last three years, rescrewing the top on, buying new burners, etc. Next summer I'll look at Goodwill and see what we can find!

I had NO CLUE you can grill chicken that's still frozen! I'll have to try it. Thanks for the tip! I always dutifully set my frozen meat out the night before and then refrigerate it during the day!