Sunday, July 20, 2008

Make your own Organizer.. tutorial

This is a tutorial that will teach you how to make a great organizer out of 2 place mats.  This is a fast and easy project, even for people who do not sew much.  Make sure the placemats you use are the same front and back.

The only concern for beginning seamstresses is that you use a heavy duty needle and sew slowly, since it will get pretty bulky.  

 Lay your two place mats  side by side.

Slide one placemat on top of the other one, with the top one two inches lower than the top one.
Fold the top placemat up, with the end coming up 2 inches below the top of itself.

Finally, fold the end up, which will be the bottom placemat.

O.K. you should have this sort of thing now.. Pin it on the sides.

You sew vertically, through all the layers.  Depending on how many pockets you want, you sew that many lines down the middle.  I made two seam lines up, which created three pockets on each level.  (9 pockets total)

Now you can hang this or put it in a drawer.  I plan to hang it in my craft room.  
Oh, and I bought the placemats at a garage sale: $.25 for the 2!  What would this go for on ebay?  

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