Friday, August 29, 2008

Frugal Fridays..great finds: roundup

I'm double-dipping here, folks.  There are just so many great organizing contests going on that I have to combine posts.  The organizing junkie's roundup, and organising queen's Declutter challenge.  You'll just have to check out both.

The entry-way is our challenge.
The yellow crate bins are from a garage sale.  They are actually sturdy metal, sprayed yellow.  
We don't use the closet to hang things in.  It was more useful shoes and stuff.  Aprons are hanging on the left.. yes, I wear (live in) my apron.  (I'm soooo retro!.. or is it dorky?)
The cleaning supplies are on the right.  
When you open the door, this is the view you get.  Behind the door are hooks for guests' jackets.  

We really don't have a "I'm outta here" shelf.  When we do go, it's always something different.   Some of the things we need when we're on our way "outta here" are on the hooks or drawers or shelves.  Generally, our family is too big, activities too diverse to have one shelf.  We'd need a "I'm outta here.. supply warehouse" 

Mommy: pilates teaching/ training or teaching English or chapel or shopping or carting kids
Daddy: work, working out, Bible study/chapel, or toastmasters, or leaving for the weekend for a business trip or..
Robotdude: school, or robotics or the gym or chapel or violin or..
Jo: school, chapel, viola or piano, or gym, or making jewelry or 
Hudand Than: cellos (each), school, chapel, gym, shopping
E: toys, clothes, books.. the kitchen sink.

So, we just make do with this style of organizing for now.
And here's a little something for you organizers...
I've been meaning for some time to post this.  It was on the side of a curb, with all of the drawers hanging out.  I asked the lady who was hosting the garage sale if this was hers and if she meant to sell it.  She said she was totally fed up with this dumb thing: the drawers didn't work, kept falling out, and it was time for it to "go".  I looked at the drawers--yeah.. they needed work.  I knew my DH was good at fixing drawers, but I wasn't sure he'd think this was a fun project.  
Well, the short version is: I brought it home. (free)  The drawers are "sitting in it" until they can be fixed, but it's going to work for us in the living area of the house.  The wood matches perfectly with our other homespun "decor".  This will service us for our upstairs "toy storage".   I moved the toy storage downstairs, but I like to keep some things upstairs too!  Here's the solution (for now)


Avlor said...

What a fabulous find for toy storage! (no it's NOT dorky to wear your apron!)

Mrs. Parunak said...

I bet if I wore my apron more, I'd have fewer "dorky" food stains on my clothes by the end of the day. LOL

I love your new toy storage chest. That's just what we need at my house.

Kathy said...

I love the thought of wearing an apron . . . . I'm picturing June Cleaver.

Great find by the way. It really has a lovely shape and, from the picture, the finish looks nice as well. I laughed to myself when I pictured you presenting your project to your husband only because I know how my husband so "enjoys" my requests for fixing drawers on older dressers (It has occurred numerous times in our house). He has taken to maintaining a supply of Gorilla Glue on hand. It works albeit it's a bit ugly on the inside of the drawer.

HDMac said...

Your areas look wonderful!!! Good job! I, too, love the storage chest!

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

I don't live in my apron, but I love to wear it. I feel so June Cleavor...if I only had pearls...

Kathi said...

Great find on the new "toy" storage. We have an aunt's bedroom dresser filled with games, videos, etc. in our living room. Probably looks ridiculous to fashionable people, but it works for us!

fruitfulwords said...

Your entry way looks great. Nice job on organizing/decluttering.

I don't have an outta here shelf either. I have to put it on the floor in front of the door, if I intend to remember to take it with me. ALthough, I have been known to step over the stuff. I have to come back in to retirve the items which I remember to do after I've locked both doors. :-)

Great job on decluttering this month.