Friday, August 8, 2008

Frugal Fridays..great finds

(a bundle of fabric: $3.00) 
There's got to be more than one way to be frugal, right?  In a sense, you could stay home all day and do nothing and watch T.V., and you'd be saving money, right?  Well, that's not good enough for me, and I hope it's not good enough for you either.  

Besides, I like DOING stuff.  Here is a great frugal thing we do every summer.  Our tax dollars are doing a good thing here.

The public library almost always sponsors a summer reading program.  We sign up for as many programs as we can and collect free prizes how ever we can.  On a good year, the kids will get a meal out in a restaurant as well as a free book.  But this year.. THIS YEAR...


The finishers' party is at the Rockford famous waterpark: Magic Waters!!!  Every year I try somehow, some way to wiggle our way into a free or discounted day.  Tickets have been around $15.00- $19.00 a person in the past.  We've only paid full price once, and that was our first year here.  So, in about an hour, we'll be traipsing out the door with $12.00 in hand and a big lunch.  (The adults have to pay $6.00 each)  
And the grand prize is a drawing for a free limo ride with friends to a restaurant and movie.  For every 1,000 pages you read, you get one more chance.  So, Jo-with-it decided to read over 7,000 pages just to make sure she'll have a good chance.  When she wins, (not if but when!) I'll be smattering photos of her gala outing all over this space--HA!   (I'm not a gloating mother or anything)!!!

On the way to the library, I got lost.  I know. I know.. How does anyone get lost with a GPS??  If it can be done, I can do it.  Primarily I get lost because I punch in the wrong address!  Any-who, I ended up at some nice garage sales, so no harm done.  
Princess E wanted her picture taken with her new book.  She likes these Aunt Eater books.

This was a cool basket.  I ended up getting 2 for $8.00

They're HUGE!!   Speaking of 7,000 pages of books, I bought them with the idea that they would adorn either side of the fireplace with gaggles of library books.  

...or just be a cool place to sit? 

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Kathi said...

I'll be waiting for pictures of the limo ride. Jo-with-it is one ambitious girl, and I hope she wins!