Monday, August 4, 2008

Menu Plan Aug. 4, 10, 2008 and Monday mornings..

Tuesday: pinto beans and Mexican rice
Wednesday: taco salads
Thursday: Pasties or Italian 
Friday: chicken packets
Sat. leftovers OR grilled cheese
Sun: chicken casserole

What a fun week!  For those who missed it, I posted the yummy blueberry buffalo recipe here.  Mom and Dad left yesterday morning.  It was so fun to have them.  Now, hey I was wondering something!  

Do you, my faithful readers, ever wonder what MY house looks like on Monday mornings?  You do? Oh goodie.  

Imagine a giant-sized egg beater doing a tornado dance through the house, strewing pizza crusts, papers, magazines, cups, craft projects, toys and stray socks.  This egg beater manages to get crumbs on almost every surface of the floor and couch, while making sure all the couch cushions are properly ajar.  All the remotes are out, and dust dances on most surfaces.  There.  Now you have it: a better picture than any camera could take..

 I am always tempted to take a picture of Monday mornings, but there's so much work that I'm too focused on the job to worry about pictures...  So, what causes the mess?

1. Weekends are pretty fun.
2. Weekends are for naps.
3. and pizza.
4. and videos.
5. And the O. M. being in her own world for about 4 hours..

I say it's worth it! Cleaning it up is no problem with my "work crew".  Some day I'll show you how to be "sarge" and get it done in 1 hour.  I can simultaneously make muffins, bark orders at each child individually, supervise the process and catapult myself into the exercise teacher mode  after only ONE cup of coffee.  It's really something to behold.  or not.  LOL.  

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Mrs. Parunak said...

First of all, I'm so glad to know that the egg beater visits other homes as well as mine! Secondly, WHEN are you going to post on how to be Sarge!!!??? I must know! And do include the part about the muffins, too, because I love to bake. I suppose if everyone in your work crew is under five, it might take a little longer than an hour, though, huh?