Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Now there's a man who knows where to spend his money..

A man and his money are not soon parted, especially if the man is an engineer.  

Engineers. I love 'em. Yes, my DH is an engineer.  All my kids are engineer-wanna-be's.  They are sensible. frugal. like numbers. order. and would be upset with this punctuation.   LOL.

Now, I never planned to be fitness teacher.  It sort of evolved.  One thing led to the next. A job at the Y, training in Chicago, etc. etc. Before you know it, I am teaching a group of engineers pilates
 ( PILL-LOT-TEEZE not PIE-LATES).  Anyway, I'm teaching this exercise class now to a group of engineers.  I have a bunch of guys and gals.  They come on their lunch hour to the workout room, and I try to kill them, and they love it. So, one of the guys is getting married soon.  He would like to treat his fiance to some personal training sessions for a birthday gift.   

All I can say is: what a dude! What a good way to spend your money--hiring a personal trainer.  I can't think of less cluttery, more useful gift.  I wouldn't mind a trainer myself.  

The good news is: I may have a great job coming up.
The bad news is: I have A LOT of reading and research to do before my first session.  Thankfully, I work under a very nice man who is very knowledgeable about the personal training industry and has loaned me the ultimate personal training manual.  

Who wudda thunk???? 


Kathi said...

Oh, Jena. What's the name of your personal training manual? I have wanted to read up on how to train MYSELF for years! Every time I get a new pulled muscle from trying to keep in shape, I think to myself, "If I only knew what and how to fix this so it doesn't happen again!"

By the way, what a great opportunity! You'll make a fabulous personal trainer!!

Mrs. Parunak said...

I love pilates. I wish I could be in your class. I tried doing it with a video, but there was way too much cleavage to be showing my little boy, so I gave up on that. Pilates sure does feel great, though.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. You are such a wonderful encourager!

Anonymous said...

We're not ALL engineer-wanna-be's, just J-star. Thanks for the sensible part.