Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday.. with words.. Thailand

Not that I'm a frequent world traveler or anything, but I just had a wonderful time in Thailand a year ago.  Yes, this is NOT a recent trip, but the pictures are so neat.

Even though I've traveled to foreign countries before, I've never considered taking a class at a cooking school.  It was a total blast.  I met some European ladies who spoke English, and we went together.
This was one of our cooking teachers.  She was so authentic.
This was part of the trip: live elephants all dressed up for a show.
I didn't like how close we got the alligators.  


Kathi said...

So, did you go to Thailand just for a cooking class, or were you doing something else? One of my favorite missionaries just returned from a run into Thailand to take Bibles and the Jesus film to one of the Karin refugee camps. The scariest trip she'd ever been on (and I went on some scary runs with her years ago), but over 40 children came to Christ and she thought everyone (about 300) asked for prayers. The Burmese are trying to extinquish them, and there are many believers in this minority. All prayers appreciated!

Organizing Mommy said...

It was a business trip for my DH. The only time I travel is on frequent flier miles and free hotel stuff. I wasn't aware of these situations that you mentioned. Sounds interesting.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Fun pictures!

We have some good friends who have done missions trips to Thailand, and while they were there they did some medical work with the Karin. It's a very sad situation.

The Boojes said...

Oooooo...fun! We love Thai food around here, and while I can make some dishes "okay", they are nothing compared to a good Thai restaurant.

jubilee said...

ooooooo gators, yikes!

never had Thai food, just not that adventurous, but the cooking classes sound fun!

found you through 5 Minutes for Mom