Thursday, September 4, 2008

63 year old leftover tuna and other things my mother and I have in common

This is purely a goofy post.  Anyone who has seen my mother and I together would totally agree: we're both nuts! Add a few cups of coffee and some good food and we could totally entertain ourselves for about 3 1/2 days without leaving the house.  Of course, neither of us have ever sat still for that long, so I'll never be able to verify if that is true or not.  

Well, since we're both such powerful influences on each other's lives, it was no surprise to anyone that when I picked up the "fitness phase" of my life that my mother was soon to follow.  Whatever I'm INTO, she has to be INTO.  So, while I'm trying to acquire my pilates certification and work a teaching schedule around my life, she decided to join "senior stretch and strength" at her local gym.  

One day last week Mom called me, all excited.  

Mom: "You'll never believe it! I can't believe how good I feel!"

Me: "That's great.  What did you do?"

Mom: "I went to exercise class, even though I felt awful this morning.  I didn't sleep well.  I dragged myself out of bed.  I really felt like: 63 year old leftover tuna.  My shirt didn't flatter my coloring.  And my hair was all sticky-uppy.  But I still went! "

Me: (laughing uproariously) leftover tuna? and you still went?  
Mom: I did.  And I felt GREAT afterwards.  I'm still amazed.  I didn't realize that could happen! 

Me: (still laughing) Didn't I ever tell you that? By the way, do you have old tuna in the fridge? .. 

Go Mom!!  Fight that osteoporosis! Ward off stiff joints!  Yeah seniors! 


Anonymous said...

What a funny mom! I'm jealous. LOL

My own mother is a wackado.

Anonymous said...

63 year old tuna? I can relate this morning. And my hair is sticky-uppy too!

Here's to hoping that a walk will bring me back down to 51 year old tuna. :-)

Mrs. Parunak said...

Maybe that's my problem. My one year old was up eight times last night (she has a cold and can't breathe lying down), and my hubby and I were so tired we slept late, and I missed my exercise time. So, yeah, tuna, maybe with some mold, I can relate.

Your mom sounds delightful!

Kathi said...

Your mom IS delightful, I can happily tell everybody, because I'm not related, except by the blood of Christ! Delightful, full of pluck, and lovely through and through. I've never seen her looking like anything but pretty, but I can relate to how she feels. In fact, I love it! 57-year-old tuna forces herself to do calisthenics and go walking every morning...always reluctant to start...always happy to have conquered the forest once again! The only thing that's even better is how refreshed I feel after my (earlier) morning devotional time, which gives me the courage to attack the physical exercises!

Judy Parlato said...

63 year old tuna Mom checking in. Is nothing sacred??? (ha-ha) Love you my little organizing Mommy!

Organizing Mommy said...

Oh Mom! I warned you that was going on the blog. And look at all the people you encouraged!! You have a fan club. Really.