Friday, September 12, 2008

I LOVE your blog

Pink & Green Mama  has nominated me for the I love your blog award.  I'm not sure what the implications of this illustrious honor are, but I can imagine only fame, fortune and friends.   Perhaps I'll win something like this: 

Then again, maybe a nice little button on the sidebar MIGHT be better.  LOL.

I am supposed to give a little linky love to the 7 blogs that I love.  There are so many, but I have my whims and diverse interests, so I'll give them by category.  

Favorite spiritual inspiration blogs:

Favorite organizing blogs

Favorite sewing/craft blogs

And favorite home decorating blog

So, that's it.  You've been officially "loved" by me.  You can go to Green & Pink mama and get the scoop.  


Org Junkie said...

Thank you so much!!

Can you imagine if you happen to see that lamp in someone's house. Yikes!!! LOL

Organizing Mommy said...

Unfortunately, you CAN still buy them. And it's all because of that crazy movie. I can't think of the title; just, "you'll shoot your eye out". Ho hum.

Kathi said...

Thanks for the encouragement! You are definitely one of my seven it fair to tag you back, or am I supposed to just go forward into unknown territory?

Mrs. Parunak said...

Thank you so much for my very first blog award! I'm going to have to get help to actually put my award on my site. You don't have any idea where the code is that I need to copy, do you? My DH might have some ideas, too.

Kathy said...

Congratulations! The button sounds lovely, but the lamp could be a real treasure. ;)