Sunday, September 7, 2008

Menu Plan Monday: and the full report on something I only do every 3 months.

So, here we are: another menu planning Monday.  Have you ever just wanted to scrap the whole thing and just click on someone else's menu and make that for a change?  I've been tempted to give it a try, but the practical side of me just takes over.

  Maybe when the fridge is completely empty, I'll just head over to the organizing junkie's and Bam! hit on 151 or 113 or some random number and just force my family to eat what's on their menu.  But when I make "liver a'la  gratin" or something like: spinach and artichoke on vegemite crostinis  and my whole family rebels and threatens to take away my computer.. and then has me committed to a blogging recovery ward in the nearest mental hospital, I'll be glad that..
the practical side of me is just taking over.

Monday: Than's birthday: whatever he wants--he hasn't decided yet
Tuesday: Beefaroo dinner out.
Wednesday: chili
Thursday: Asian  (need to find a recipe)
Friday: leftover soup or burritos
Sat: Mexican chicken
Sun: crockpot special or our signature noodle dish.. 

Well today was Sunday and normally I would head for a nap after lunch because.. well... that's just what I do.  But the sun was shining.  It was a beautiful crisp, sunny day.  DH and I took most of the kids for a walk at the Severson Dells Forest Preserve near our home.  

It's only about a mile away, but half way through the walk Princess E had to use the potty.  The only facility in the park was an outhouse.

Outhouses were a part of the U.P. "camp" culture.  Most kids had experienced them at the cottage, referred to as "camp".  It hadn't occurred to me that my 3 year old E had never been in an outhouse.  While I managed to get her seated, she made a few observations.

"There's no sink in here."
and "there's no flusher, either"

"And it smells like..."

(she had sort of a knowing look on her face)

"........... a  cow farm" 

That's right, sweetie.  It smells like a cow farm.  Are you done yet? Daddy is going to think we fell in.  And I have to get home and do what I only do a few times a year..

Can you guess?

that's right honey.. scrub the floor on my hands and knees.  

As my son (Robotdude) walked in and observed the strange sight of mom washing the floor, he commented,

"The spirit of grandma doth rest in the kitchen.."


Heather said...

Very cute. You are making me feel guilty I have been talking about scrubbing my floors on my ands and knees for about a month now.
Great menu, have a great wek.

Niki said...

I hear you on the meal planning. But...they may serve great meals at the recovery centre and get you out of cooking to boot. I only wash my floors on my hands and knees. I have tried every mop and pail out there and hated the streaks over the floors when the sun shone. I love a clean floor and this is the only way that works. I should get those knee pads that tilers have.

Multiple Mom T said...

I love what your son said!!!

I hate scrubbing the floor. HATE HATE HATE HATE it. But man, it's the only thing that really works!

Mrs. Parunak said...

Ah, yes, hands and knee scrubbing. I love it. My kids love it, too. I need to buy more scrub brushes, though, because I only have two and I now have three kids who want to scrub! I'm sure they'll grow out of it, but for now, it's a kick to see how excited they get about such "drudgery."

kathy in Colorado said...

Um, I need to go scrub my floors. :) Cute post!

Judy Parlato said...

The spirit of Grandma doth eat all m&m's found while cleaning in the nooks and crannies whilst on one's hands and knees. I can't believe that I actually ate a BLUE M&M I swept out from under the frig. Weight watchers back in the early 80's made no allowances for M&M's. I did not die or even feel queasy, so you too can eat "found food (candy)." The MOM

Kathy said...

Love the Pine-Sol ad. . .I can actually smell it as I write. . . I have to agree with Niki - it is the only way to clean floors. However, I use the mop when I simply wish to FEEL like I cleaned the floor. Yes, do get knee pads.

Anonymous said...

You should have visited the Nature Center at Severson Dells. Real toilets! And opened Sunday from 1-4:30 p.m.

Hope you had a great hike.