Sunday, October 19, 2008

Menu plan Monday

This is an unfinished gourd

these are various gourds, squash and pumpkins
This is a painted gourd.

Menu for the Week:

Tuesday: broccoli soup
Wednesday: beans and rice
Thursday: Italian
Friday: leftovers

for more menus, visit: the organizing junkie.

This weekend DH and I took some time and toured Chicago and surrounding areas.
I think the highlight of the weekend was visiting: Morton Arboretum.
(thanks Jimmie and Kristin for the tip)

I loved all of the pretty fall trees, and the many displays of gourds, pumpkins, mums, kale, and corn stalks.  I came home with some of these to paint and decorate (above--images from Google image)

I will have to admit, I've never thought much about gourds until this visit.  Gourds are not edible, and they aren't very colorful, so what's the big deal about gourds anyway?  I guess the fact that some people make a big deal about them is precisely what has peaked my curiosity about them.  

So, I bought some very cool unfinished gourds to practice making things out of them.  When I arrived home and showed my kids what I had brought home, they gave me this look that said, "Huh?" 

Another fun thing we did was go to a Tapas restaurant. It had traditional Spanish cuisine.  I ordered: goat cheese, clams and paella.  All were very good.  Even though it had a European feel to it, it sort of reminded me of Panama.  (Except they didn't serve the heads on the shrimp or put bones in the soup).  The loud music and crowded tables reminded me of Panama.

We took a Chicago Architectural Riverboat tour.  I love hearing about the different styles of architecture that adorn Chicago.  It continues, to this day, to be a source of architectural experiments.  The next big structure will be "the spire" that is supposed to look like a great big drill bit coming out of the ground.  Neat idea.  We saw the foundation of it; that's about as far as they have gotten. 

So, now we are home, enjoying our kids again.  The only excitement they had was the E giving herself a haircut.  She is now known as the peacock.  I came down with a cold, and the last thing that I'm worried about is my daughter's strange hairdo.  I didn't cut my own hair or anyone else's until I was five.  She's an early bloomer.


Anonymous said...

Hey, lady, I got the pumpkin butter! Thank you so much! I haven't opened it yet since we still have a huge jar of apple butter to go through but I'm sure it will be a yummy treat this winter!

I'd love to know how you make broccoli soup. I made potato soup last week and it was so easy, filling and delicious! I'm so excited about winter foods. LOL :)

Kathy said...

Sounds like you had a lovely get-away! Gourds...we went to a 4-H event once where the entire evening was devoted to bird feeders and houses created from gourds - I will wait to see yours!

Organizing Mommy said...

All people who are weird seem to like gourds. They "speak" to people, I guess.. So far, all they've "said" is rattle rattle rattle. Maybe my gourds will have to be Gospel gourds.. or sing the Hallelujah chorus or something. I'm starting to get the fascination...

Anonymous said...

I've come to check your grammar! Muahaha!!! The problem is, you haven't made any mistakes yet.

~Phoenix, your favorite student...I hope.

Mrs. Parunak said...

My, my, the Organizing Mommy is also the Extremely Sweet and Generous Mommy. I see fairyflutters got some pumpkin butter, and I just got a box, too--a very cute light green outfit (and green is my favorite color!). Thank you so much! I am incredibly touched that you would go to all the trouble of boxing that up for me. It's going to have to wait until I'm past this pregnancy as my belly is well on its way to being enormous. But it looks like it'll be fun. Thanks again!