Saturday, November 8, 2008

I caaaaannnnn't do it!

I tried.  I really tried.  But I can't do it.

I was supposed to be taking a one day computer fast, and here I am posting (again). 
Well, I might as well upload a few photos too then. 

O.K. so I colored my hair (again!!) I have this THING with coloring my hair.  I think everyone who actually wants to have colored hair should do it themselves.  Now I'm going to work this into a "getting organized" type of article. 

Here's how to color your own hair.  It's cheaper, faster and better than the beauty parlor. 

1. Buy professional supplies from Sally Beauty or someplace that sells nice products to "lay beauticians".

2. Ask a professional person what colors work with your skin.  Remember Lucille Ball.  

3. Buy the stuff.  Here's the colors I usually buy: Ash blonde, Med ash blonde, or sometimes I combine colors.  (You have to ask the professional which colors to combine)  You also have to have developer, gloves, a cape, and an old towel or two.

4. Follow the directions on the bottle and put it on your hair.  You can have a friend help you do this also.  Get the roots.  

5. Put a towel on your head and set the timer.  This is the best part.  You can do a bunch of different things around the house while your hair is setting.  You don't have to just sit there like a blob,  reading dumb magazines like you do in the beauty parlor.  

6. After you have: put the bread in the oven, changed the laundry, made your bed, and put away a load of laundry, take the towel off your head.  

7. Cover your eyes and rinse your hair in the tub or sink. After you get the majority of it out, strip down and get in the shower. Lather, rinse, and deep condition.  

8. Hey! You're done!  Get dressed and blow dry.

If you want a fun, professional look, you probably should add highlights! 

1. At the same store where you got the other equipment, you can pick up your highlighting kit.  I have never had success with foil wrappers; I like the cap.  It's a tight fitting little cap that you pull over your ears and tie down tightly.  

2. Now this next step is IMPORTANT.  You are going to have to be nice to your kids and bribe them or beg them or just plain command them to help you get little strands of hair through those blue holes in the cap with that teeny tiny little hook thingy.  I can always get the front done, but I need help with the sides and back.  When you are done, you'll look like a Chia pet.  This is all part of the plan.  By the way, this step is best done watching an old version of Hogan's Heroes or if you have to, The Price is Right...  

3. Next you have to mix up that stinky bleach stuff together according to package directions.  Throw that on your strands and set the timer to your desired shade--probably 13 minutes or so.

4. Rinse like you did the other one.

5. It helps if you do this the NEXT day or later after the coloring process.  Don't forget to use the deep conditioner! 

So, there, that wasn't so hard was it?  You saved about $70.00, time (about 2. 5 hours), you  "bonded" with your kids over mindless T.V and you look like a hottie to boot! ... what could be more fun than that?


Kathy said...

I have colored my own hair in the past. . . with economic times being what they are you have motivated me to try this again. I love the tip to combine two colors. How artsy can you get!

Pink & Green Mama said...

I colored my own hair for the first time this summer and it worked pretty well. I liked it better than sitting at a salon for three hours and forking over $200! Yikes. I also just got a fantastic hair cut at our local hair cuttery two weeks ago for $20 instead of my usual salon price of $70 (before tip) I just had her follow the lines of my expensive cut and voila!

Mrs. Parunak said...

Your hair always looked so great in the pictures. I never even thought you colored it. Good job matching your skin tones.

Organizing Mommy said...

I had someone tell me which colors to blend.

Pink and green mama, I just starting going to a cost cutting thing last year. I've never been disappointed!

Mrs. P, thanks! It took a lot experimenting!