Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I can hardly believe it!! I won!

On the most stressful day in a long time, a day when I fought with my laminator and threatened to exterminate my binding machine while my 22 students were "publishing" their books on our last day of school before the break, and fought blowing snow and slick roads all the way home, I sighed a big sigh of relief when I realized I had a freezer lasagna ready to go into the oven for dinner and my inbox was stacked with  (good) emails.  

One of those great emails was the unbelievable improbable reality that I won my CHOICE of a pair of KEEN shoes.  I mean.. really.. KEEN?  I bought a pair of these this summer, and they were awesome.  The contest was from Rocks in My Dryer.  This is the original contest post here.

Now, I have to go over to the Keen site, and choose my shoes.  Here are some that I'm drooling, I mean deciding over... 

I'm trying to decide between the winthrop boot in black 


Any suggestions?  I'm leaning toward the black boots (winthrop) above.  I already have snow boots or I'd pick these trailhead, summits.  The black ballerina shoes (wear around market) are very cool also, but I need the black winthrop boots because the black shoes that I normally wear outside at this time of year have several rips in them.  I love them and can't bear to part with them, so maybe these practical, yet classy boots will help wean me of my precious black shoes.  Who wudda thunk?

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