Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday: getting back home!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed after arriving HOME from a trip?  I sometimes do.  Somehow I feel the urge to do EVERYTHING as soon as possible.  I want to: fill the fridge, feed the family, field the mail, fold the clothes, and feel the warmth of my own bed: NOW!  

I've tried to develop an: incoming procedure to give my confused brain a little help.

1. Unload car and place all things in living room (all kids helping)
2. Start dinner and put away food items. (MOM)
3. Before dinner starts, get all bags to appropriate rooms. (kids helping)
4. Eat dinner
5. Sort laundry into clean and dirty. (Just the adults and baby)  The older kids have to put it in their rooms.
6. Before bed, put away all clean items and suitcases.
7. Do not start laundry until the next day. ( a child can do laundry, but adults have enough clothes to wait)
8. Plan a grocery list and menu for the next day/week.
9. Check email. Collect mail/ sort into piles.
10. Write list for tomorrow.
11. Go to bed. 

It's not even noon of the next day, and I'm ready to sew!  
This is my sewing supply bucket that I organized before I went on the trip. 
(It does not have LABELS yet!!)  

Oh, and the reason I'm in this picture??? My darling, Jo-snazzer made me this purple necklace!!  Cool purple sweater, courtesy of my illustrious Goodwill shopping up north.  LOVE IT. 

Jo wants to start an ETSY shop as soon as she comes up with a name.  She does great work, eh?
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Susie said...

I have lists like that too. Sometimes it is easier when it is out of my brain and on paper.

She does great work and speaking as an Etsy seller, it is a great place to sell your stuff.

BarbaraLee said...

That is the reason why we clean the house before we leave. I also have something in the freezer to whip up quickly.

Anonymous said...

How come when I write a list and I don't complete it I just cross it out and add it to the next day's list?

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

Yes, to the first question on this post! And we do what BarbaraLee mentioned, completely clean the house before we leave. And if we're visiting family, we wash our clothes at their house before we come back home. The last thing I want to do when returning from vacation is laundry.

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you and your family a happy and healthy New Year!

Mrs. Parunak said...

That list is a great idea. I need to do something like that. We usually get home extremely late, tuck our sleeping cherubs into bed, and fall into bed ourselves shortly thereafter. And then the next morning, I wake up groggy and brain dead to a pile of unpacking, reorganizing, and general getting back into the swing of things.

Jo's necklace is really beautiful. I love purple! Does she do earrings, too?

Mrs. C said...

I'm the same way. I try to tackle everything right away, too. List making is such a great way to stay on track and not get overwhelmed doing too much at a time.

Have a wonderful 2009!

Jenny P. said...

I love this list! Having a plan of attack ready before you even leave is the best way to come home. I just got back in town myself and felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation -- having a 'coming home' procedure would make that easier.

Thanks for your blog! It's very encouraging.