Friday, January 2, 2009

Diet and common-sense eating list.

Diets..  It's the New Year now, and everyone is thinking about loosing weight..again.  This is the diet industry's biggest retail month.  So, here we go again.. 

Truthfully, I don't like diets.  I remember a few years ago when I hit 33 or 34 and realized that I had put on enough weight to qualify for a "diet".  This had never happened to me before.  I wasn't even sure where to start.  Having four children did not put me over the top; it was just increased eating and lowered metabolism.  

The next couple years since, I've bounced around between dieting and exercising, never fully porking out or completely slimming down.  So, here I am again at the "top" of my comfort zone.  
I weigh a lot even when I look slim, so I don't even trust that thing that you stand on where the numbers spin.  But it is discouraging when they hike up there.. bit by bit.  

After some reading and experimenting,  I realized that diets are not cool.  They are like saving up to splurge.. or like staying up all night so you can sleep in.. but in the end you have achieved the same result as where you started  (or worse).  

So, as I think about this again, I have to admit that these truths are evident to me, at least.  I'll not be tempted to join the diet industry again, but just remind myself of some basic common sense things that I have forgotten or chosen to ignore.  

1. The main purpose of food is fuel.

2. God has created a variety of healthy things that are also very tasty.

3.  God wants to fill the emotional voids that we often fill with food.

4.  Bringing food with you on outings not only saves money but helps you make better choices.

5. One decent sized helping is better than seconds and thirds..

6. Dessert is good and should be planned for and enjoyed.  (Not sneaking sweets here and there)

7. Just because there is a potluck at church, it does not mean you have to eat differently than you would at home.

8.  Planning healthy meals should be a part of our every day life, not just for special company.

9.  Healthy foods give us energy and make us happier. 

10.  All God's food is to be enjoyed with thanksgiving.  


Mrs. Parunak said...

Great advice! I'm very anti-diet myself after struggling through multiple diets in my teen years as I tried to stay skinny enough for ballet. My first diet worked fabulously, but as time went on I saw both diminishing returns on my efforts and increasing damage every time I fell off the wagon. I had taught my body that I lived under famine conditions, and it had become super efficient at fat storage and super tenacious about not letting go of those stores once it had them. It wasn't until I gave up both dieting and "cheating" and just tried to eat when I was hungry, stop as soon as I wasn't, and get lots of aerobic exercise that I finally stopped the yoyo.

Shawn99452 said...

I've found the following book useful for learning about why some diets work any why some don't, and it's the only real scientifically backed diet I've seen (hint: it's just a calorie-restriction diet). The book is free, and its written by a software engineer.

The Hacker's Diet

Organizing Mommy said...

Mrs. P: I totally agree with you!! Thanks for the tip: Shawn99452! hey everybodeeee... free diet stuff.

I personally like the" Never Say Diet" approach. Whatever it is, we all need encouragement, don't we?

Sheralle said...

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