Sunday, January 11, 2009

Menu plan Monday

Hey!!  I'm finally posting a menu!!  I bet you thought I had a New Year's Resolution to: not post menus!  Sorry! The menu planning is back in swing, even though my darling daughter, Jo, said, "Mommy, can I cook all of the food this week?" Hhmmm.... yes, you can.. but why? 
So, even though she wants to cook this week, I think I'll cook a little bit, just to keep things somewhat nutritious.
Monday: Clean out the fridge soup
Tuesday: freezer lasagna (ooh.. I'm so glad I have one of those left!)
Wednesday: chili and cornbread
Thursday: hotdogs (with veggies)
Friday: chicken packets 

This is also our first week back to homeschool co-op for the year.  I was so excited to think we had an "extra" week to get things ready, and as it turned out, we have been sick (flu) and sore (back pain) and needing to recover. 

My DH has had a degenerative disk issue for over 10 years and has managed to keep surgery at bay; unfortunately, we may not be as lucky this year, since he can barely walk.  Yes, he's in a lot of pain! 

So, we're starting up a new week: back to grindstone, so to speak.  

I just have to post some of these photos from our trip up north.  I have no idea how Jo makes the photos black and white with a little bit of color, but she does it somehow. 

Pass my starbucks!
My hands are cold! 

For more menu planning, check out: organizing junkie's  MPM.


Shanna said...

I love chili and cornbread! We had it about two weeks ago too.

My girlfriend also has similar back issues. Here doctor told her that if she didn't start taking care of herself (single mommie with 3 teens) that she would end up in a wheel chair within the next year. She has and is doing really well. All the best for your DH and family.

Great photos by the way.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Love those pictures. The spot color is really effective.

I hope your DH feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

The pictures look great! Did you utilize Let me know.