Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Friday night and I feel like celebrating. Well, let me explain..

My dear ma and pa arrived safely back from their hardship tour cruise to the Caribbean and brief stay in Barbados. Even though they were all sun-tanned and clad in summer outfits when they arrived, I attempted to make them as comfortable as possible in our chilly little midwestern city. Even though they were cold and sleepy, they ate my Thai food concoction and green tea medley.

I just look at mom and start giggling. Dad is full of one-liners also.

"Are you really making chicken?"

Me: "yeah, is that O.K.?"

Dad: "sure, but I've never had chicken here that wasn't cooked while it's still frozen.."


What else? Got an email from WH and Robotdude. Their Robot is ranked 5th place out of 50 so far into the competition. The real contest is tomorrow. If they win here, we'll be going to Atlanta. Win.. please win. I need the sun and warm air....!!

Oh, and I'm feeling so hip and large-marge about being the coolest mom ever. Do you know what got done.. finally? Yes, the highschool transcript got finished for Robotdude, the ACT scores came in, the resume has been written, and the application for THIS was sent. You see, Robotdude wants to go to the summer program for USAFA for highschoolers. All of this stuff is not for getting into college; it was for going to a special summer program. There's no guarantee that he'll get into the summer program, but atleast we got the application in on time! Yeah!!!

I'm also not feeling so hip about the dishwasher being broken, but I think you'll be able to appreciate the humor in our situation, if you read hudbud's post here. He copied verbatim what I had written on the ever-present (hidden in plain view) dry-erase board that sits right above our kitchen table. I do feel like hand washing dishes is an incredible waste of human effort and time, but it does have some very warped benefits. I find the mundane-ness of it all, gives me free reign in the cerebral areas to explore everything from why fuzz balls collect under the fridge to what would be a great slant on teaching the semi-colon this week in writing class. There's no limit to the world problems you can solve while scrubbing the scum.

With that, I should probably catch a few winks. I must comment on the humorous comments I got about the infamous green smoothies.

For the record:

1. They do not taste like spinach
2. The goal is to cover the spinach taste, so buy very tender, young spinach and it will be easier.
3. I do like food adventures, and I will try almost anything, but I get squeamish over RAW Meat.
4. And I have dishpan hands. Calgon take me away.


Organizing Mommy said...

Update: the team is on the way home. They missed first place but made a happy second! Good job team.

Organizing Mommy said...
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Mrs. Parunak said...

Congratulations to the robot team! Second is still VERY cool even without the sun and warmth. But not to worry, by July, we Midwesterners will be getting all the sun we can handle anyway.

And I'm sorry about your dishwasher! Your dry erase notice was priceless.