Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another award! Thank you Nagle5

Nagle5 News nominated me for this award. Thank you! For once, I didn't get nominated for an award by my kids. But I think I'll nominate: my kids and my students.

Hudson Hornet, my 12 year old writes at: Hudbud and Hats.
Jo-with-it's portfolio is written by my darling daughter, Joanna.
Than's Thought collection is my son, Nathanael who is promoting swagbucks today.

Some of my writing students:
Phoenix chat--who writes stories on her blog
Lego Dude--who posts his lego animations and such

I love to see the creativity in these kids! For a while, I had my writing students doing all of their work on their blog. Now that they are writing novels, it is easier to have it on paper.

Good job everyone!


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Erin said...

You are welcome...I'm definitely forwarding Lego Dude's blog to my own Lego Dude!