Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grammar fun and the menu

Well, I think I officially have a blogging party hangover, because the house looks like a bomb, my eyes are seeing pixels in my sleep and I think this stuff (below) is very funny.

We have a friend who travels to India. He found this sign posted outside of a hospital and took a picture of it.

For whatever reason they do not want the sex of the "feotus" (fetus) determined is unknown to me. That is not the funny part... it's the: not practiced here.. part.

What? Is the law not practiced here? It is the implied modifier, is it not? So, the determination of the sex of the fetus is practiced here because the law is not practiced here. Or is the sex of the fetus punishable by law? There is no subject for either part, so we really aren't sure who might be punished. I assume it is the fetus, sex determined or not. in which case.. the law is not practiced here anyway, so go ahead and do whatever you want. Common sense and grammar rules are not practiced here.

(Your thought is: perhaps she's been correcting English papers too long, and she desperately needs a spring break) Correct on both accounts, all laws and common sense withstanding.

So, maybe I should get some fresh air and finish cleaning the garage. Thanks to everyone who participated in the first Blitz. I apologize if you could not see the LINKY thing. It uses something called: blenza, if you can not see it. I hope you will join me on Thursday night to link up for the Blitz-it Friday. We are seriously "hoofin it" and getting a ton of housework done in a short period of time.

Here's what we're hoping to eat around here this week.

Tuesday: Indian collard greens and butter chicken
Wednesday: chili
Thursday: chicken casserole
Friday: taco salad

for more menus, go to organizing junkie's MPM


MoodyMommy said...

Thank you so much for the nice comment you left me!! Means a lot!!

I have family that live in India....VERY Strange place!!

Mrs. Parunak said...

Wow. What a sign! I'm guessing that determining the sex of the child is illegal because sex selection abortions are such a problem in countries that actively try to limit family size. India works pretty hard at keeping families to two.

Organizing Mommy said...

It was a Christian hospital, so I assume you are correct Mrs. P. Did you ever resolve your viewing the linky thing?

Anonymous said...

India has had (and still has in lots of places) a problem with people aborting/killing their female babies. In order to combat this, the government made it illegal to find out what the fetus it. The female babies are killed because they don't make as much (if any) money for the parents and the parents are expected to provide a dowry when the daughter is married.

L2L said...

I had no idea my profile wasn't up, THANK YOU SOOOOOOO very much. we live in Okinawa, Japan and oh my the way they butcher english on their t-shirts. Once I saw a t-shirt that said: Wanted a man to keep me worm at night. Oh man I burst out laughing right on the spot.

Noel said...

I love your "clean out the fridge soup". I've never called it that before, but it's great. Usually for us the soup is chili, those spices cover up anything you put in there :)