Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hurray for team 2039!! Robots rock! and the menu!

Left to right: Joe, Jamie (my son, the Robotdude), and a mentor.
What are they doing?

Driving the "hulk", the robot of Rockford Robotics team 2039 in the Wisconsin Regional Robotics competition of FIRST Robotics.

Did they win? Yes, they did!! They did amazingly well--first place! And now we are off to nationals in Atlanta!! Oh, sun! Oh, warm. Oh, happy happy happy!!

Well, we've officially entered an unprecedented glamorous geekdom!

We are going to go as an entire family (Lord willing) to Atlanta to have him compete with his team--many of which are friends from our local church. Yee-haw!!

O.K. thanks for enduring my mother-gloating. I'm quite obnoxious when it comes to being proud of my kids. I can't help it. They're just sooooooo much brighter than their mother that I can hardly believe they're mine! LOL.

Also, I have been so encouraged by the warmer temps here--up to 56* F yesterday. Can you believe we were out raking leaves and cleaning up the yard? Who cares that the ground was still frozen? I just wanted SOMETHING to do outside. Oh my precious Canadians, you'll be there soon!

Did anyone take advantage of this FREE menu planning resource last week? It's a cross between Dinner's in the Freezer and Once a Month Cooking, which were both big in the 90's. I think this is actually better than those because you get to pick your meals. And there's plenty of variety!

Speaking of variety, life has a way of throwing curves at you like: a million papers to correct, subbing pilates for a friend, sick kids, no working dishwasher and half the family leaving town for most of the week. Other than that, life is same-o same-o. What about you?

Monday: homemade bread and clean out the fridge soup
Tuesday: Ham, squash, salad
Wednesday: split pea soup
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: cream of broc. soup

If you haven't entered my first giveaway, you can enter here. I will pick the winner on Wednesday at 12 noon. Also, I am starting a weekly meme that should help you get a lot done is less time. I call it blitz--it Friday. (I will post the link Thursday night)

For more great menu planning ideas, go to the organizing junkie's MPM.
If you want to link up your recipes, go to 5$ dinners. (this week only)


Mary H. said...

Awesome robot! You will love Atlanta - so much fun.

$5 Dinner Mom said...

Congrats! And when is life ever same old-same old!?!? LOVE your header!!! Pretty much sums up my life in one shot :)


Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

First time visitor and fellow home school mom. I've had a blast browsing and congrats to your son. That's wonderful!! I'm glad I was linked here (from Erin who commented above) because I'm in the middle of redesigning my blog and since we're very similar (balancing beauty and bedlam), my header was going to look much like yours. Now, I need to rethink...

Mrs. Parunak said...

Hooray for your brilliant son! That is seriously cool.