Sunday, March 1, 2009

Menu Plan for March 2-7, 2009

Be still my heart.. am I really giving out a menu? And YOU thought I gave up menu planning! Well, not anymore! My kitchen is officially going through a revival. If you would like to read more about it, you can read about organizing my recipes here.

And Oh, I'm so excited about this! I am hiring a web designer to update my blog. I was trying to draw a picture of all that my blog encompasses. The best I could come up with was this.
I hope my designer can work some computer magic from this drawing. If not, it was fun to draw.

I'm also getting more committed to posting some of my own recipes on this blog. So, I will give you another one for this week. After I made this up, I asked around and wanted a really cool name for the dish. So I thought "pasta verde" would be it.

Hudson, on the other hand, thought of: swamp dish! It really IS as good as it sounds--and sooooo healthy too.

Menu for this week:

Monday: Indian collard greens (a bean dish with collard greens) with leftover chicken
My friend, Kathy, made this for me. It was so good.
Tuesday: spaghetti and meat sauce from jar (my hard day)
Wednesday: slow-cooked chicken with stuffing and steamed veggies
Thursday: chili verde
Friday: moose with red sauce and polenta
Saturday: swamp dish

Picture of swamp dish!

Yummy yummy.
For more recipes, look at the org. junkie's MPM.


Mrs. Parunak said...

WHAT is swamp dish? It looks like it might involve yummy, pesto-y goodness.

And that's a cool picture you drew. I'm very impressed. I can't draw much of anything. Can't wait to see the snazzy, updated blog.

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