Monday, March 30, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday: hairdos and college students

This week I tackled my hair. O.K. it is very short and maybe sassy, but it's done now.
I'm trying to make working out (swimming) and running easier for the summer.

Here's the E and I with our new hairdos.. (gotta love those special effects on the mac!)

Here she is! Now we can see her eyes!

Also, I am the proud parent of a college student. We registered Robotdude for his first college class for next fall. Yeah! He'll be a senior in highschool, but a lot of homeschoolers will take classes at the local community college and get dual credit.

I was impressed with HOW EASY the process was!! We showed up with his ACT scores in hand, and his scores were high enough to get him into the class he wanted to take next year: pre-calc. We didn't need a transcript or anything! Wowza.

upsidedown Robotdude.. just what our lives are going to be soon with yet another thing to schedule into our lives.. but we are excessively proud of the dude. Yeah!


L2L said...

Love the hair dos!!!!! And awesome on the pre-cal class, I'm so hoping we are able to homeschool through highschool, we shall see what the Lord has in store!!!!!!

Mrs. Parunak said...

I did the community college thing, too. I think it is a GREAT option for homeschoolers. At least where I went, there were a lot more "non-traditional" students than at a normal university. Plenty of people were there because they really wanted to learn and to improve their situations in life, not just because their parents were making them take classes in between frat parties. CC eases you very gently into the college experience, allows you to stay close to home, and you quite often get teachers who are really dedicated to teaching (unlike university professors who are often much more dedicated to their own research). I wish Robotdude all the best.

And L2L, you can do it! My husband and I were both homeschooled through high school. All the parent has to do is get creative when the subject matter goes over his head. But you have tons of options: community college, correspondence school, video instruction, even letting your kids teach you (my mom let me do that for science when it went over her head, and I learned so much more trying to explain it to someone else, make decent tests, etc. than I ever learned when I was the "student").

Bobbi Jo said...

Hair looks great! That is great about the dual credit. Hugs, Bobbi Jo