Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What works for you Wednesday?

These are my favorite kind of posts because I get to ask my readers a question. 

So, how do you keep yourself from constantly overcommitting yourself?  And how do you deal with it when you are more committed to something than the person who asked you to do it is?  And when do you and how do you graciously step down from commitments and not make a bunch of enemies on the way?  I know.  It's a mitt-full.  Looking forward to hearing from you.


Ruby said...

Sometimes Hubby just says SLOW DOWN!! You can't do everything.
Mostly I prioritize. Hubby and kids, elderly parents first. Everything else falls in as I can manage.
I've found if it is project like meals for a new or ill mum, if you pitch in yourself and enlist back up most of the ladies will come in on it and share the load.
I think most mums tend to take on more than we can reasonably handle!
Oh, and cutting down computer/ internet time can free up a lot!

Noel said...

This has a two part answer...
1. appear to be so busy and out of breath all the time that no one in their right mind would dare ask you to do one more thing

2. just say no! (with a smile)

Ruby said...

That Noel is a man of course!

Paula Constable said...

I try to think of my priorities before I commit to something. Just because I have time available, doesn't necessary mean I should take on something (This used to be my downfall). My decesion to get involved in something is based on if the commitment is inline with my priorities (Family, God, Personal).

momstheword said...

One of the first things I usually say is "Let me think and pray about it and talk it over with my husband." That gives me time to think and pray about it, and seek my husband's input.

I also think about would it stress me out in my schedule, is it a need that I think God is calling me to meet, do I have time, etc.

Taking the time to think and pray about it, and asking your husband's opinion can better equip you to make a decision.

We just can't do everything, that's for sure.

L2L said...

OH my this has been my entire year so far. Since before Christmas I have been working through my commitments and then not signing up again.

I do believe you should follow through with your commitments, and not leave anyone hanging, if at all possible. But pray and speaking with my husband has helped me see the bigger picture when it is all added up together.

My motto lately has been just because I can doesn't mean I should.

Next year I am going to have home hours that we are not available for but for now we go with the flow and as long as it gets done, I'm not worried about the how, lol

Melissa D at DropTheBabyWeight.com said...

I realized that I often committed to things not because they were in line with my life and priorities, but rather because I wanted the asker to like me, think well of me, not be irritated, etc... just on a small level, but it wasn't healthy. Now I run requests by my husband -- mostly because he is able to see my life more clearly than I can sometimes, and can see how another commitment would affect our family or me personally.