Monday, April 13, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday: in the car.

So, here we are in St. Louis, visiting our fabulous relatives: Uncle Scott and Aunt Elizabeth and our bosom friends/ cousins: Jon Scott and Katie.  While everyone is relaxing with an action-packed movie next door,  I thought I'd get a little tackle blog in.  

The trip was fun and uneventful--only five hours.  We stopped at a Subway for lunch.  Did you know that our family eats five foot longs?  I guess we were hungry. 

 Somehow, I think the mere presence of our big family makes the servers a little nervous. 

 I may have befuddled my "sandwich artist" when I asked him to put olives and peppers on 2/3 of the sub.  He proceeded to put the items on what looked like 1/3.  So, I corrected him and said 2/3 not 1/3. 

 And then he said, "how about half?"

 Realizing that he had no idea what 2/3 of a sub was, I said, "it's a little more than half. 

 It ended up being 5/8 or so.  Really.  Next time I'll get it right: I'll ask for 9/16!!

I did some knitting on the way here. This is project I started TWO years ago.  I think I gave up when I ran out of yarn.  
Here is the sweater sleeve that I finished in the car.   Yeah!!  

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Algebra Teacher said...

I had to laugh when I read about the 2/3 of the sandwich. I teach Algebra and it always amazes me how little kids know about fractions. They tend to want to just skip over that part and work only the problems that involve no fractions. I think that in our state the mandated tests and all the objectives that are required per grade have really hurt our students' basic skills. They are introduced to a lot of concepts but don't necessarily learn them.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Congrats on the sweater sleeve.

I'm glad you had a good trip down. That sandwich story is a riot. A sad, scary riot. What are they teaching them in schools today? And people fuss about needing to test and regulate homeschoolers because they might not be educating their children well.

momstheword said...

Haha! I asked someone if they could clean out a booth once and they had no idea what a "booth" was. I even pointed to it!