Thursday, May 28, 2009

blitz-It Friday # 11 the garage update

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Hey! It's time to blitz-it again. For those of you who are just blitzing for the first time, here are some great starting points.
Basically, blitzing is forcing ourselves to focus for a set period of time on hands-on tasks.
Originally, I wrote about the one hour blitz and staying focused.
Also, blitzing with kids is a helpful place to start.
Well, last week, I started the garage.  I knew that it would take more than one blitz to get this place up to speed.  

The blue mats were moved, and grain storage was moved under the shelf.
So, this is basically what the garage looked like a week ago (after the blitz)

Since then, I did three one hour blitzes and one family blitz to get it to the point it is now.  Can you say: exhausting??? No wonder I slept in the next day!!  

Basic things accomplished during the sessions:
1) all grey storage boxes sorted through and cleaned out.
2) 4 boxes were completely emptied and contents in the donation pile
3) Kids and hubby hung a cupboard and all car supplies were placed in cupboard and car-maintenance area.  (Yes, I allow him to leave things on the the garage)
4) Bikes organized
5) old countertops and miscellaneous junk placed in big van to be dropped off.  
6) swept out garage
7) and finally Jamie was thrilled to:

PUT the CAR in the GARAGE!!  (First time in a long time!)  TA DA!!  

The real question is: how long will it stay neat???  

So, I hope you have enjoyed your weekly blitzing! I love it when you guys tell me what you've been doing!


Mrs. Parunak said...

Great work! I am so impressed that you got the van in the garage. And it was fun to see those familiar wheat buckets. We've got those, too.

momstheword said...

Your garage looks awesome!

In response to your comment, no but wouldn't that make a fun post! Hahahaha!

Your Mr. Linky looks great. What plan are you using? I'm on the free plan and, of course, having trouble, so love to know which plan you're on! Thanks!

Contemplative Mom said...

Amazing! Your garage looks great! I need to tackle some big, scary jobs like that in my blitzing. Thanks for encouraging me to get things done.

Algebra Teacher said...

Love your blog. I've nominated your for a bloggy award. Check it out on my site -

Eos Mom said...

Great work on your garage! That's a project for me down the road, gotta get the inside done first.

Sorry it took me an extra day to blog my blitz.