Friday, May 1, 2009

The challenge of going greener

I think I was born in the wrong year to be too "green".  It was very hip in the 70's to be all green and earthy.  Then the 80's hit.  It was like we didn't think of it anymore.  Most of my growing up memories are in the 80's.  Sure I was alive in the 70's.  I was precisely 1-11 years old.  

My parents were smart about not wasting water, money, energy or time.  They just did it so naturally. We all never thought about it much.  When I grew up and was on my own, I have dabbled with being green in same way that I dabbled with using cloth diapers.  

I'd get a big energy burst, buy all of these cloth diapers, find a procedure for it and do it very faithfully for a few months.  Then I'd get distracted and start adding more and more disposables. Ugh.  

That's kind of how my recycling adventures have gone also.  I'd get all excited about it and have these grand procedures going and get distracted.  Well, I'm no longer doing diapers (cloth or otherwise), so I don't need to feel guilty about that issue anymore (whew!)..

But I still consume stuff.  Last November when we switched garbage companies, recycling was not included in our weekly pickup.  So, you know what I did?  Nothing.  That's it.  nothing.

I just threw all of the stuff in the trash!  Guilty!!  Sorry sorry sorry!!!  

So, we only have 1.5 weeks left of homeschooling for the year (7 days to be exact.. not that we're chomping at the bit here or anything)... so, I'd like to announce my new challenge to myself for the summer months.  I am going to make some changes around here.


1. I'd like to find out where you can drop-off recyclables in the Rockford area.  
2. I need to set up a schedule of when and how often I plan to go.
3. I need to set up a system in my garage for collecting things that is user-friendly.

Other things I'd like to do:

1. Make some cloth napkins and use those regularly.
2. Use and bring my own cloth shopping bags to the grocery store.
3. Bring a pyrex container in my purse when I go to restaurants, so I don't need to use styrofoam for leftovers.
4. Make my husband lunch, so he doesn't need to eat out as much.
5. Join freecycle and list a few items
6. Read about composting--not sure how to do this and if it is feasible.
7. List things on Craig's list before they get too old.

Oh, and I didn't get this motivation from some sort of internal force.  Keeper of the Home wrote a great ebook called: Healthy Homemaking.  She's done a great job!  I'm only on chapter 1!  I ordered the book, and I'm really enjoying it. 


Kristin said...

re: you're #1. We stopped buying paper towels all together. We found two 18 packs of wash rags at wal-mart for 3.96 each and we use those all the time and they don't really add to our laundry since they're small.

Kelsey said...

I bought some of those wash rags at Walmart too. I still keep one roll of paper towels on hand for bug killing or if there's something really gross to wipe up.

Also, I was pleased last time I ate out to see that the "styrofoam" container they sent my leftovers home in had a recycling symbol on it. Now, I just have to remember not to throw it in the trash when I finish it.

organizing MOmmy said...

#1?? about making my own napkins? Oh, that will just be a fun sewing project. You guys will be pleased to know that with a few hours of research, I was able to locate my recycling center and list some things in freecycle! Woot!

Scribbit said...

We use Freecycle and it's great--I love not having to throw good stuff away.

Mrs. Parunak said...

I know there are lots of ways I could be more green (and frugal, too). Right now I'm trying the cloth diaper thing, and that's the biggest change I can handle, but you've got quite a list of things here for me to consider when I have a little more time and energy.