Thursday, May 21, 2009

I ate it, and I didn't die... yet.

This will probably be the first post in a long line of funny food posts, since part of my mid-life crisis is getting organized with my health.  This is my summer to get healthy.. [weird!!!].  Thanks to that Healthy Homemaking lady, Stephanie--who has WAY too much energy and that crazy ebook that is filling my head with nonsense.. [healthy ideas].

It all started so innocuously with the green smoothies, and now we are venturing toward all new heights of strange-dom  with.............. can you guess???

Homemade yogurt!!!  That's right.  I'm going to take perfectly normal milk and "culture" it.  So, while it is listening to Brahms............. (getting cultured) and sitting in the crockpot with already cultured yogurt  (getting more cultured), it slowly morphs into a yogurt.  

Before you know it, we have MORE yogurt. I followed the Crockpot yogurt recipe.  Now I just went ahead and dumped yogurt into the HOT milk, which probably killed it. So, then I had to let it cool down enough and put more of it in there, and it still worked.  

And yes, I put sugar in there.  What do you think I am, insane?  It was pretty good, once I got over my fears of eating milk that sat on my counter for what seemed to be a long time!  

So, there you go.  I didn't die, and before I am done with this adventure, making yogurt will be just a normal part of my life.  


Steve Rusk said...

Nancy makes yoghurt for me every day; I've lost 25 lbs. eating it w/ celery. I actually like it, too. I used to make it on the countertop in a bowl oevernight, but now I am going to look into this crackpot idea.

Noel said...

Homemade yogurt sure has a wang to it, but after some fruit and honey, it's not so bad. I've killed my yogurt more than once in the crockpot though. Check out It's a great website filled with really good information about getting going with healthy food!