Friday, May 8, 2009

More free and good stuff.

I have been so into this FREECYCLE thing that my family is starting to tease me. We sat down and talked about all of the many things that were going on this weekend, and after we went through the schedule of what everyone was doing, Jamie said,

"yup. that's all we have planned until every other day someone shows up collecting something mom's listed on freecycle"

and then Hud jumps in,"Hey! free couch"

and then Than, "Anyone need carpeting? Come in and pull it up yourself!"

and someone else, "four year old is available.."

O.K. O.K. I get it. I'm a little too into this. I am just so geeked that I don't have to take ONE more trip to the Salvation Army to drop off a pile of stuff that I'm not sure anyone would want.

This way, I am sure that someone wants it, and that they get it! Free is good. Even though I have not acquired anything free yet, I will, and I have already. God has given me so much. What do I really need? nothing. So, it's great to give and that's just the thing. It's addicting.. giving is, that is. Getting.. well... it's kind of empty unless someone special is giving it to you.

I think we should all forage around for something to give and list it on freecycle.  It's so much easier than sitting in your garage ALL DAY hoping someone will come by and buy your stuff.  Ugh.  I might do it for a million dollars, but probably not less than that.  I can NOT imagine sitting in my garage for days waiting for people to buy 10 cent items.  But I am so glad there are people who do find that lovely because that's where I shop.  I am climbing back on the wagon, so to speak, of non-retail shopping.  Here I go again.. can I make it for 48 hours?  do I hear 72?
How long can I go without buying retail items?  

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