Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who wouldn't be proud of this?

A friend once accused me of being too proud of my kids.  I'm here to tell ya that she had it ALL WRONG.

  What she really should have said is she is excessively proud of her kids.. or just gloatingly full of hubris over her kids..  That might have come close, but for now I'll let those who like to talk about me work those details out.   

So, what did the kid do already?  

At Hallstrom (our homeschool co-op) they have the end of the year banquet for recognizing kids who do high level work.  Joanna got highest honors in three classes: Algebra I, Spanish I and Advanced Art.  She got 2nd place for the VFW Patriotic Art Contest (which included a small cash scholarship) and the Hallstrom scholarship for the freshman girls (which is a combination of high academics and Christian character).  So, 3 academic honors and 2 scholarships!  

Wow!  We couldn't be prouder, Jo-Snazz!  She had a wonderful year and made some really nice friends also. We are so blessed to be a part of such a neat co-op!  All of our kids did well this year, but it was so nice to see Joanna get such appreciation.  She really is a good kid who loves the Lord.  (and Mommy and Daddy are not at ALL biased or proud!)  


Kathryn said...

How very special.

You certainly have a right to be "excessively proud"!


Mrs. Parunak said...

Congratulations to Joanna and her "proud" parents! That really is wonderful!