Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our dancing adventure

For our 18th anniversary, my sweetheart wrote me a nice note with a clipping from the YMCA brochure that said "Ballroom Dancing Classes".

Wow! Is he really going to do this with me? Really?!! I wasted no time signing us up for classes. Our first class was last night.

We showed up with four other couples in the exercise studio of the Y. I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of instruction! There were very specific instructions, and I think the gentlemen REALLY appreciated the details. Posture up, shoulder blades together, weight forward, hand here, look there etc. Needless to say, Will was a natural.

Our first step was the "foxtrot" which is fairly basic if you don't have to do it with a partner. Once you add the partner factor, all of our feet seem like too many. It looks beautiful when it's done right.

One thing our instructor said that I found to be really instructive, "O.K. Ladies... you may lead in any and every area of life, but in dancing, if you do not let the man lead, you will never get this. You MUST learn to follow his lead." I thought contemplatively... "hhmm. this will be more than just fun. I could use practice in this area.."

After we both got a little more confident together and were zooming around, our instructor said, "You two really dance well together"

And I said, "thanks. We just met." which made Will crack right up. And she could tell that we had been together a long time. She also told us that just because couples have been together a while does not necessarily mean they can dance well together. It's nice that we could do both!

After a little more zooming around, Will said,

All I could think about was "Get Smart" (a movie he saw on an airplane ride) and the dance scene. When our instructors did the demo dance for us, they did the exact same steps they did in the movie." Well, that just made me want to fall down laughing right there in class.

So I'm thinking of the great choreography and the dynamics of how this will improve our leading/ following relationship and all this "girlie stuff", all he can think about is this:

Now you know that opposites attract don't you?
Cool Scene From Get Smart - More amazing videos are a click away


L2L said...

That was great, I never saw that movie, just might rent it!!! Thanks for sharing, what we do without those funny bones in our lives???

Mrs. Parunak said...

How fun that you guys are dancing together! And how cool that it was your husband's idea!