Thursday, July 2, 2009


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Well, hello EVERYBODEEE!! I am ready to get back into life again. Just in case you haven't noticed my absence, I've been enjoying a fantastic mini vacation in Minnesota and just got photos up.

For my regular one hour blitzes, I'd like to tell you about two of them that I did this week. One blitz was for packing to get ready for the trip. I don't know about you, but I get kind of scattered when I know I have to go on a trip, and things don't get moving until it's a "crisis". Why do I do this to myself? I don't know, but I've heard from other moms that they do it also.
So, I can create my own crisis (in a sense) by starting a packing blitz. I can start the blitz a long time before there is a real crisis. It's amazing that you CAN pack for a trip in an hour and then spend the rest of the evening just tidying up the house and such; thereby avoiding a real crisis.. oh, the games we must play....

Another blitz was this morning. I was really tired and wanted to go back to bed after I got up. (O.K. I did have a headache, but really.. ?? talk about lazy bones..) Anyway, before I succumbed to the inevitable, I forced myself to blitz the bedroom (putting away stuff from the trip etc.) and go out and weed the garden. Not super impressive, but it made some order to a day that could have been complete chaos.

You may feel like your daily blitzes aren't really worth hearing about, but they are encouraging when you write them down. I don't know about you, but I use them as an opportunity for character training (for myself), forcing the issue of discipline and self control in doing things that I'd rather put off. Any and every time we make ourselves do something that should be done (even when it is hard) is worth celebrating! And yes, I'm doing my happy dance right along with you!!
So, let's link up the daily blitz here:

And for those of you participating in the big project edition, good for you!! Can you believe we are on week 5???

I sorted through the first big bucket of pictures, and we're on to these:

I did give it a big one hour shot today, and it is actually quite fun. I did find one "treasure" of sorts. Can you believe I hand wrote a journal for the first three of my children when they were newborns? It is so fun to go back and read it. These boxes have photographs, artwork, brochures, journals, and a few choice Dave Barry articles to boot. Hilarious. So, in a sense, I don't want to rush through this. But I would like to finish before the summer is up. How about you?

New to blitzing? Here are some links to get you started:

Basically, blitzing is forcing ourselves to focus for a set period of time on hands-on tasks.
Read about the: one hour blitz and staying focused.
Also, blitzing with kids is a blast if you are an airchair general.

Glad you could join us!


Ruby said...

Since I did my Big Project, I have been fiddling with the photos for the family scrap coming up, so it has made that much easier.
We did do a little panic blitz before Nana arrived! (mother-in-law) but praise God she is not a fussy lady!

Mrs. Parunak said...

I love your idea of creating your own crisis. Brilliant.

Contemplative Mom said...

Great approach to packing for a trip. I hope to take your advice for our trip at the end of the month!

alecat said...

Hi Organising Mommy,

I've just come over to check out your blog from "The Home Truth".

We've been blitzing away at our budgeting and getting tax paperwork ready all day, so I've linked my latest blog post if you'd like to have a look. (Probably not that impressive .. it's only paperwork.)

Thanks for the inspiration on your blog. We all need healthy doses of that!

Kind regards,