Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My frequent, recurring dreams..

I woke up this morning thinking how crazy the inside of my brain is that I can only come up with about 3 or 4 different dreams that all repeat themselves in one way or another. I know you are just dying to know what I dream about, unless you are my mother who has already lived through this scene many times.. LOL

O.K. Dream #1) In the dream I am in college, around sophomore or junior year, and I've signed up for a pile of classes. In fact, I've signed up for so many classes that I can not remember my schedule. And of course there's ONE class that I never made it to all semester (because I double booked my life into oblivion). And then the clincher of the dream happens when I finally realize that I have never attended the class, it's too late in the semester to drop and, alas, I failed the class. I find myself begging professor of the class to drop me instead of screwing up my G.P.A...

Why this dream would never happen: I never missed any classes in college. I didn't skip or goof around in college. nerd to the nth degree...

With that exciting dream, I'm sure you are waiting with bated breath for the rest of them..LOL.

Dream #2: Locker anxiety: Here again, I'm in high school or middle school and it's after Christmas break. I have no idea where my locker is or what number it is. When I do find it, I can not find the combination for my life. I go to the office to ask for the combination again, and they write it down for me. I am so paranoid that I'll forget it that I ask this pesky boy to memorize it for me. He agrees to do it but teases me unmercifully. I panic when he doesn't show up between classes. I give up and refuse to lock the locker.

Why this would not happen: I just never forgot my combination or where my locker is. Pesky boy always teased me unmercifully, and I would have rather written it in the form of a tattoo rather than ask for his help.

Dream #3: This may be the only one that is noteworthy. When I grew up, my grandparents had a cottage on the Lake. It was so secluded that it was like a private paradise. I still to this day have dreams about it. It has a new owner now, but thankfully, he agrees to rent it out. I've been there a few times with the new owner, and it is even better than I remember. So, if you want to rent it, think of me when you are there. It is called: Anam Cara. You won't be disappointed.

What do you dream about?


Ruby said...

Hey, for a super organized woman you have a very muddled brain!

Only joking...Maybe those first two plague you because were so organised at that young age and wanted to be in a mess like everyone else?
The cottage sounds restful though.

Mrs. Parunak said...

I dream about all kinds of things. Last night I dreamed I was the main character in my mom's novel that I just finished reading/proofreading. But I had to smile at your dream #1. I have almost that very dream from time to time (always about a math class), and just like you, I NEVER missed classes. I had a teacher send me back to my dorm room once because I was so obviously sick, but I had gone to class anyway. I had no life in college. I went to class, church, and Bible study. I worked in the Government documents library. I even liked it. For fun, I would take a walk (while studying) to get a slushie. Nerd, nerd, nerd. Maybe we have that dream because it would be so horrifying for us to actually have that happen, kind of like some people have the "showing up somewhere naked" dream. I also have the "realizing I was supposed to teach a ballet class but I didn't go" dream. Same thing there. I was totally obsessive compulsive about ballet.

BTW, your comment on my aunt's blog was a hoot. We must all three get together sometime.

Organizing Mommy said...

Oh, I forgot!! I have dreams about teaching ballet class also and then completely forgetting what I was going to teach! Thanks for reminding me! Like that "was" stress in the old days. I guess my life is too peaceful now to have dreams about things that are actually happening now..?? LOL. O.K. really, who can understand the dream.

For those of you who want to know what I said on Mrs. Parunak's aunt's blog it is here:

I'm sure she didn't mean for it to be funny, but I couldn't resist.

CC said...

I have had that first dream...several times. Weirder still, my twin and I would dream the same dreams! She would start to tell me about her dream, and I would finish it for her...because I had the very same dream. This happened to us more frequently while we were growing up, but it was definitely freaky.

More recently, I have dreamed that I am playing high school basketball (while pregnant with my seventh child), and I am still trying to convince the coach that I can't be on the team any longer. I always see my husband and six kids cheering in the stands...and then I think..."What's up with that?" I don't know...I just befriended my basketball coach on Facebook. Weird, huh?

My husband still won't let me live down the time when I woke him up in the middle of the night with a scary dream. I was frightened of a German Shepherd (dog) that had a gun in his paw. He responded by saying that I really shouldn't consume chocolate that late at night anymore! Well...sweet dreams!

Organizing Mommy said...

Oh CC, that German shepherd dream is hilarious. What patient hubbies we have!! I love the pregnant on the basketball court also.

Jenny said...

I have also had dream #1 countless times. I have no idea why. It really bothers me.