Monday, August 3, 2009

Family Summer Tackles

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

At the Webber "ranch", both kids and parents are enjoying the summer and learning new skills. The hunky dude (below) is my DH. He is trying out the new pellet gun that Nathanael so desperately wanted. His expert marksman ability and emphasis on safety makes him a great teacher for these activities.

Than, as we call him, could hardly wait for his first chance to shoot it.
Go get those varmits, Than!

And someone else, tackled her big mane of hair this summer.

She's been waiting all summer to find the time to do this.

She and a friend went to the beauty parlor together and took pictures of each other.

Wow! Finished product!

And she donated two 10" ponytails!

Her friend, Kara, went with her for a trim also.
Kara was not as relaxed about the procedure.

But she loves the outcome all the same!

Also, you remember my "basement knitting" adventures? Where you just take some wool scraps and start knitting away, hoping they will felt down to the right size?
The first sock turned out just fine. It fit my size 9 foot perfectly after felting.

But sock #2....
Sock #2 fits my hunky dude's size 14 foot.. just perfectly (after felting)!!
You've heard of "steady sweaters"? We have "steady socks". Now I'm in a real quandary. What do I do with one big and one little sock? Maybe it will be some sort of romantic signal around our house? Someone puts on the one sock, and the other says "I love you too" by putting on the other one sock?

Or maybe it will be time to make the corresponding socks for each--except they were made of scraps. I ran out of grey! I wouldn't want to actually go out and spend money or anything! Any suggestions?

Also, I joined this Blog with Integrity thing. I am not even sure about all of the controversies surrounding mommy blogging, but I can say that as a Christian, I hope I can meet these minimum standards. If I don't, just write something rude in my comments telling me to get in line already.
I definitely write my own material. If I didn't, it would be a lot, and I mean a lot better. Seriously, if you plan to have a blog or are already blogging, let's keep it up and above par, OK?


Mrs. Parunak said...

Hey, that Blog with Integrity thing looks cool. I just signed, too.

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

The girls hair looks great! So much better just that little shorter isn't it? They look really pleased with the results!
Collette xxx

Mrs.B said...

I so love the socks, so sweet!!

Have a Blessed day.

~In HIS Keeping,

Susie said...

Great beauty tackles!

DarcyLee said...

I really like the girls' hair. How generous of them!I also signed the pledge and have posted it on my blog. What a great idea.