Friday, August 28, 2009

Free stuff on blog giveaways..

The question being asked over at: Island Life is: Do you ever enter blog giveaways and have you ever won something?

My answer is yes, and yes. Although I am not one to enter things like sweepstakes or buy lottery tickets, I do enter blog giveaways.

I have won: 1) yoplait yogurt coupons, a freezer tote, and Brain Quest flashcards and
in a different giveaway: Turbo Tax for next year and CLR cleaner from: 5 minutes for mom. They have a ton of giveaways, it seems.

I have also won a free pattern from Craft Apple. It's a crafting site.

My best win (by far) was a pair of Keen shoes from: Rocks in my Dryer. She is very busy writing a book now so she isn't offering giveaways these days.

I recently entered a contest on Betz White's site because I really want to win: Sewing Green. It's her new book on sewing with recycled things. I love everything she does.

So, yes, it has been a good experience entering contests, but to tell you the truth, I prefer a good story anyday over a free item, except maybe that trip to Tuscany.....


Kathryn said...

I won a couple of cute little books, once. And i won some baby clothes or something . . . i sent that gift on to someone who actually HAD a baby. (It was a blog carnival, i didn't sign up for that gift.) It does seem a little ironic i'd win baby clothes when i don't have one but want one so.

I don't usually even register for give aways these days (except Pioneer Woman, sometimes). I prefer to know about folks & interact, that is more of a gift to me than anything. And comments. I don't have a lot of followers & don't get a lot of comments, so that is always a true gift.

I did try to do a give away on my blog once, but no one seemed very interested.

AudreyO said...

I"ve won a few smaller items, books, $5 Starbucks gift certificates etc.

Mrs. Parunak said...

I just entered my very first ever blog giveaway. Mrs. Anna T at Domestic Felicity is giving away $100 worth of headcoverings. Of course, I had to enter, even though she has a gazillion readers, but one in seventy-seven is way better odds than the lottery, and it doesn't cost anything to leave a comment, so why not?