Monday, August 24, 2009

Why I love a new school year..

I hear a lot of moms whining about the start of a new school year. Why? I love it when school starts. A fresh look. A fresh routine. A fresh start! And I know what you guys are thinking? Doesn't she homeschool?

Well, I do. When the kids were little, I found it easier to school all year round. I think I did this for the first six years? or more. I just loved teaching the kids, I guess. Call me a nerd.
You already know I'm a nerd. We've already established that fact. I love books, notebooks, reading, projects, dry-erase boards, chalkdust, the whole thing. I used to "get dressed" to teach even. Complete with shoes, lipstick and earrings. Be still my heart. As the kids have matured,
we have different routines for schoolish sort of things. Now, we do morning devotions with Dad. Although, we have been slacking a lot this summer! I hope we can get back into it this school year. And tomorrow starts the first day of homeschool co-op, which marks the beginning of the year for us. I used to go at my own schedule, which is highly recommended
if you have any amount of chaos in your life. But this co-op schedule is a good transition for them from a loosey goosey kind of schedule and the rigors of college life. So, it gives them a nice couple of years to get organized with time lines, expectations from others, grades, and all of that "schoolish stuff" before being hit over the head with it at age 18, or whenever college starts. I know my own weaknesses as a mom! I need someone else to tell them when to get the project "done". So, I am so thankful for this resource of a homeschool co-op!
I am not a strict school mom, and I make it a point to make learning fun, doable, and manageable in the early years. This may be why I enjoy it. I have a great time teaching my kids when they are young, since I love learning so much. The emphasis is on learning and accomplishing skills like reading and math facts. I encourage a lot of creativity in the learning process also. I just love seeing what their little minds can come up with! So, tomorrow marks the beginning of another school year! Our oldest four will be in the rigors of a tough school schedule with hard assignments in a classroom setting once a week. Our youngest one will be taking classes (a lot of classes!) that will lend themselves to growth and creativity.
I will continue to teach her preschool skills until she is ready to read and learn math concepts.
So, we will be laying out our clothes, packing our lunches and organizing our notebooks tonight for the big day tomorrow. I'll put something in the crockpot for dinner tomorrow, since we'll all be exhausted after the first day. But it will be good. The kids love it. Mom is still a "homeschooling mom" in their mind, even though other people are doing the teaching and grading. They do their work at home and eat lunch at home. Mom still is "around" so they can ask me questions if they need help.

It's just what works for us! Hope your school year is going well!
(Photos from our MAC photobooth!)

This is what we are tackling today!! 5 minutes for mom for more tackles


Mrs. Parunak said...

OK, I am such a nerd that I'm excited about school right now even though I homeschool year round. It's just that "back to school" feeling of September. I'm all abuzz. I couldn't even get to sleep the other night because I was having such fun thinking about new things to do with my oldest to go a little deeper.

Organizing Mommy said...

Hurrah for nerds! Mrs. P, I think we were separated from the womb at birth (and a few years). I felt so official going out and getting the notebooks, pencils and folders today. Our Walmart was out of 15cent notebooks already! The moms were fuming in the aisles. (Our entire county starts either this week or already started last week) Everyone up north starts Sept. 8th. Funny how different the schedules can be from state to state.

article marketing said...
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Kelli @ writing the waves said...

I love new school supplies too! Sounds like you have a good system going. Best wishes for a great year!

Eva Issabela said...
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Brandi said...

I am debating on keeping my kids at home or sending them to school. I have a few years to think about it, but I love your thoughts on it!