Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Kitchen, my pulpit..

I'm a knife wielding preacher; I bet you didn't know.

That's right. Over the roar of dishes clanking under the suds and the blur of vegetables chopping, the sermon gets preached to my big audience of who ever is sitting at my table at the time.
So, this week, a big, black, blind man who goes by "Bear" was in "pew" hearing me wax eloquently..

Bear got in the night before, and the next morning, after breakfast, everyone had something to do: Will was in his study prepping for tomorrow's sermon, Jamie was locked in his room taking a Physics test, and Jo, Hud and Than were at Saturday morning music classes.

Emily, Bear and I were in the kitchen. I was trying to scale Mt. Dish, and brown meat, pressure cook beans and reorganize what was left of the homemade donut fest from the night before. Normally, I would call this a blitz, but I don't like trample over guests in a frenzy.. the way I normally trample over my family.

So, Bear says, "I don't drink coffee... because I'm a member of unnamed religion.."

Now Bear was joking, I know. But this ensued a lively discussion about the lure of different religions.

Bear says, "They look and seem so happy. I wonder if they might be right. They say they have everything we have."

Me: "Well, maybe they are happy. Maybe they are even happier. Why does that matter?"

"Did you come to Jesus to be happy, Bear?"
"or to get saved from your sins?"

He didn't respond.

Many groups and religions claim happiness and even health and healing. It's not our job to try to unearth their unhappiness. Happiness may or may not be the outcome of those who follow Christ. I can see how we who live in the wealthier countries would confuse the issue. But something tells me that those who follow Jesus in other (persecuted) countries decided to not for the happiness and blessings it would produce on earth.

And then he said, "Some people don't even seem like they are sinners. They are sooo good."

My response: "It's not really our job to comb through people's lives, convincing ourselves that they are sinners. It's just our job to acknowledge the sin in our own lives. I know the Bible says that everyone is a sinner, except for Christ. So, I just believe it. As far as my sin, I know it's there, and I'm glad I have a Savior. There's no getting to heaven on my good works.."

All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

When I'm in my kitchen pulpit, there's rarely even an open Bible. There are no well-thought out illustrations, and there's no altar call. There's no conclusion either. The sermon usually ends with, "Could you chop these for me?" or "The trash needs to go out" directed to someone else.

And no one comes up afterwards and says, "Good sermon, pastor" because I'm not a pastor. I'm a simple homemaker who wears a dorky apron. And yet, some of the most profound sermons are things that I've heard in other kitchen pews, told by apron-wearing preachers.

Sometimes I wonder if all of this preaching might be easier if I didn't have a wooden spoon in my hand at the same time, and have to shout over the rhythmic rocking of the pressure cooker, but this is God's will for my life right now. He's given me the abilities to multi-task, to blitz, and to have a "high brow thought" and such a willing audience, allured by the promise of food.

Perhaps the Lord and the saints that have gone before get a real charge out of this kind of scene in heaven. After all, it's far more entertaining than what you normally see on Sunday morning.

I can hear 'em now.. "Hey, you guys.. come see this. There's this fire-breathing preacher who shouts at people with a knife in hand.." And they all crowd around (in heavenly port-holes) and giggle.

It's this kind of nonsense that makes my home sing. Join us for Mom's the word.


Mrs. Parunak said...

Charming! I hope someday I can come sit in your pew. You can yell at someone to take out the trash, and I can yell (er, say sweetly), "Give that back to your sister." "Children, we need to ask Mrs. O.M. before we try to chop her vegetables." Etc. Good thing we both like to multitask.

momstheword said...

Sometimes those are the things that people remember the most, because they are life lessons learned just while simply talking to someone.

Very true that we don't need to be worrying about pointing out the sin in other's lives. It's enough to worry about our own lives, as you said.

We need to let the Holy Spirit do His job in the lives of others instead of us trying to do it for Him! We can't be the Holy Spirit in somebody else's life.

Is your hubby a pastor? Mine is and I didn't know that yours was. Or if I did, I forgot.

Thank you for joining up today.

Kathryn said...

Good sermon! I so agree.

It seems sometimes, or some Christians are out to convince folks they are sinners. I think that is a waste of time.

If they want to continue believing they are "good" i have no problem with that. The problem is that no one is "good" enough to go to God without Jesus. You can be the best long jumper or pole vaulter in the world, but you can't leap the Grand Canyon. Nor can we be goon enough to come to God.

And, tho i know most of us think it is sad, being happy in this world is not the Ultimate Goal. Nor is any of the things we do on a daily basis. They may have merit, but they are not our Ultimate. Being in the presence of God, standing beside Jesus is our Ultimate Goal.

Organizing Mommy said...

Mrs. P, I'd LOVE to have your crew at my home. When can you schedule a visit?

Nan, my dear husband takes his turn teaching in the local church. He is an engineer for pay, and a Bible teacher for fun. ?

Kathryn, the Holy Spirit convinces people of their own sins by the Word of God. Much more powerful than I could hope to be.

Becky said...

Personally, I believe that this is exactly the sort of preaching the Lord would have us do most of the time. It's my opinion that the Sunday service should be (for the most part) for instructing the saved, so this type of mini sermon is invaluable in reaching others. Or, sometimes, in helping them grow. I've heard many such sermons from others and sometimes they stick with me much better than the ones I hear on Sun. morning.
BTW - I think it's great that you are involved in a church that has the men rotate in delivering the sermons.

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

I loved this post!! I would like to see you in your kitchen preaching dear friend!!!
Love Collette xxx

MommaMindy said...

Didja' know my husband Scott is one of Bear's "CUBS?" Bear led him to the Lord up at Story Book when he was about 13. It is a precious story. For Scott, it makes returning to Bible Camp each summer to preach to the Junior High kids even more precious. Of course, then, Bear has officially adopted all of his CUBS' cubs, so Bear has a very large extended family.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

That was a good sermon :0)


Kara said...

Love it! I am with you, and I think we "homemakers" can make just as much a difference for the kingdom in the arena He has given us. Hospitality and fellowship in our homes are a high calling and often a wonderful opportunity to share.

Stephers said...

I would have to say that I do think that people follow Jesus for happiness. Many people who don't have religion and then convert do so because they feel a deep hole in their hearts and feel a longing for a deeper sense of meaning for their lives. I personally do feel happy knowing that I have a Savior and that I have been given that blessing. I think that it is a different, deep and lasting happiness that does indeed make a difference to people who undergo worldly persecution. I don't believe that all Christian believers are blessed with material "happiness," but I do believe there is an inner peace and contentment that comes with believing in Christ and in a loving God. I don't think it's wrong to want that deep sense of happiness in this life.

And I totally agree that the best sermons are given at home! In our home, we also have pulpits- in our kitchen too, our bathroom while brushing hair, and in bedrooms while tucking kids into bed. And those are the conversations I also remember from growing up myself.

Organizing Mommy said...

Mindy: Wow! I didn't know BEAR lead Scott to the Lord! amazing. Yes, it's so fun to be in each other's lives!

Stephers: I'm not one to complain about my happiness--since I have such a huge amount of it. But if I focus on it, it flees. And I'm glad my salvation doesn't depend on it. (that's all I was saying) I think God has given us a need for things like happiness, even though not all of us have it.. all of the time, atleast.

L2L said...

wow what a powerful question. Did you get saved to be happy or forgiven for your sins!!!! Good to be back on the web again. Missed visiting!!!!