Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sewing Green.. I love it.

Only so much time can pass between creative adventures for me. I had to go ahead and enter the Sewing Green contest by Betz White. All the entries are in this flickr group:
Flickr group/ sewing green. If you just want to see the organizing mommy's projects, my flickr page here. I'm a regular reader of Betz White's blog. If you don't like collecting things like old sweaters, old wool things, and recycled junk, you'll probably find it to be so boring. Then again, there is nothing boring about it. She's inspired me to really think outside of the box in relation to sewing! (Not that I was EVer in a box!) I would like to write more about this topic, but for now I'll let her be the expert.

I also really like sewing "free" or almost free. This project involved one of my many zippers from this weekend's sale and my free stuff from the blue and brown swap.
And yes, this is the bag that I'll be choosing one person to get who links up to the blitz-it Friday site by noon on Saturday a.m.

A simple messenger bag, quilted and lined..

I love sewing for the fall... my favorite time of year!
Happy Blitzing everyone. Can't wait to send this off to someone!

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